Manchester United is largely a loss of Manchester United


The young Boys in Old Trafford were very successful in the main class next! In a wound, Marouane Fellaini breaks the 1: 0 for Manchester United – and so heartbreak of YB.

Mourinho falls completely

Fellaini is destroying every YB hoping

The game: The best scenes will take place this evening where the playground – supporters will be able to; Board to travel to & # 39; ensuring a high air in Old Trafford. Even before. Even in the hot start, where the Bernese is under pressure. And later on that, after the defendant of YB Steve von Bergen lived in hitting his yacht at a time of his time, broken. And it will grow higher than Switzerland's. become more acute while the game is continue, and start to & # 39; get their first chance. As in the 70 minutes, when ManUtd goalie De Gea needs to have a large parade on the line to stop the YB lead. Bernese fans sing and go. sing – and make good wishes. And the players? Increasingly through the game in such a way that the great English player has a very good impact. Or not? No! As Marouane Fellaini affects the YB in time of injury – and even quietly, Determine the YB fans for a short time.

91 minutes, 1: 0 | Marouane Fellaini | After Shaw cross Lukaku expanded his head – directly to Fellaini, controlled first and then hit the bottom corner on the left from the time.

The best: David de Gea. It is amazing how the United player scratches the image drawn out of the line.

The worst one: Marcus Rashford. The English star could only make a decision on the game, but its & # 39; lasting its different, sometimes poor opportunities

That gave talk: The two coaches are amazed by their lines. Jose Mourinho will leave his senior state Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku on his / her; bays. The same visit is accompanied by the co-ordinator of YB Gerry Seoane regularly Fassnacht Christian. Bernese begins with a young blood trio in the middle of her; midfield: Lauper, Sow and Aebischer.

So it's going on: The YB still has the chance to win the European League in this group, although this work is very difficult. On December 12, Juventus joins Cristiano Ronaldo at the Stade de Suisse (9f).

Manchester United – YB 1: 0
Old Trafford. 75,000 fans. SR: Brych (De)
Tor: 91. Fellaini 1: 0.
ManUtd: De Gea; Valencia, Jones, Small, Shaw; Fellaini, Matic, Fred; Lingard, Rashford, Armor.
YB: From Ballmoos; Mbabu, Camara, à Bergen, Benito; Lauper; Sulejmani, Sow, Aebischer, Assalé; Nsame.
substitutions: ManUtd: Lukaku (64th for Lingard). Pogba (64. for Fred). Matthew (73rd for Valencia). YB: Garcia (46th for Bergen). Fassnacht (66. for Sulejmani). M. Ngamaleu (82mh Nsame).
yellow: 22. Matic (bay). 48. Camara (white). 61. Benito (truagh). 72th Valencia (bitter).
ideas: ManUnited without Lindelöf (injured). YB gun Sanogo (crochte) and Hoarau (injured).

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