Manchester United News: Anthony Martial's talent is to reach Cristiano Ronaldo's level, says Solskjaer


The Old Trafford Christian Cristian single-starred strike, but his headteacher warned that it would not be easy after an example

Interim manager Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, believes that Anthony Martial's talent is to be done. Alumnus Cristiano's red alumni Ronaldo, and warning that he needs to work hard to reach those levels.

Martial stole the show when Fulham's first 3-0 was circulated with a one-sided goal that inspired him to strike a similar strike at the Craven Hotel from the Juventus reul in 2007.

That show inspired your companion Juan Matato call on "Franaldo Frangach", a phrase that could pretend to be Solskjaer. Confirmation of prophecy with the right level of work.

"Yes, it was until the end of the game and played a very sad game and Cristiano sent it out," said Solskjaer when asked about what was like Ronaldo's famous strike.

"It's like that, indeed.

"If he wants to be at Cristiano level, Anthony understands what he needs to do. It is up to it. he is the talentSouth Westerly

"I'm glad it's a team. It has contributed to such opportunities, as many goals.

"It's a Manchester United player. He welcomes the people. He welcomes his manager. His teammates welcome. And it's a good character around the place. "

United is back in action Tuesday, when they deal with Paris Saint-Germain in a & # 39; first part of the Anglo-French Athlete League after 16.

PSG has had a detrimental effect on Neymar's independence, which is recovering from a metatarsal breach, and it is almost certainly uncertain that Edinson Cavani after Uruguay's & # 39; suffering the Sabbath's wound on Saturday's victory on Bordeaux.

"When you play the front of the best teams, you want to play the opponents," said Solskjaer.

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"The crowd wants to see the best players. Bad for Old Trafford.

"I've played two games when we played Real Madrid and Ronaldo and (Luis) Figo and everyone was coming to Old Trafford. That's just giving him an edge .

"Unfortunately for Neymar he has been injured, but indeed he is a quality player. I think he's upset thinking he's not too bad here."

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