Manchester United News: Romelu Lukaku has a backbone at Paul Scholes and criticism & # 39; BS form


The Belgian stripper saw his value for the purpose of the Devils Red who is questioning this season, but he learned to abandon his obstacles

Romelu Lukaku, a Manchester United striker, has criticized Paul Scholes's criticism over the past. its form and doing "part of a BS".

The 25-year-old recognizes that his standards have been swept off this season, with a 11-game playback game maintained at a level; club.

International Belgian, however, is of the opinion that it is unexpectedly described in a trial for all those involved in Old Trafford.

Their favorite Scholes are among those who have been routinely probing Red Devils and told them ESPN lately the Lukaku value for the purposes: "I'm not sure you've ever won the league with a goal scorer like it."

Having been a long time to learn how to make his opponents feel angry, Lukaku is not very worried about the ideas of the United story.

He said Bleacher Report: "I do not reply to it.

"You know, when I see it on the television, it still strikes my hand. And then it seems that everything is normal, so …"

Lukaku, however, has been produced by those who talk down the physical features that it brings to the United side.

He said: "That's just a BS!

"Yeah, that's just a BS. I'm one of the strongest players in the league. I have never been injured. I'm always there, so what is the problem? "

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United 2018-18

Lukaku is the best way to make his reporters get back on the way of the goals, with a genuinely unfamiliar gameplayer. keep their case tight.

He said about his problems in the final third: "Tonight? Yeah, lately. Yeah, yeah. That's why I'm disturbing myself, because I'm a high- love.

"I want to set goals, I think I know how to target goals, so something that worries me."

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Lukaku saw a gloomy knife preventing her & # 39; make the effects of it & # 39; expected United before the international service came.

But he returned to Jose Mourinho starting XI for a meeting with Crystal Palace on Saturday.

The Red Devils could only pull them out in that competition, until they were the seventh place in the # 39; Premier League, and they hope they will be warmly welcomed when the Youth League competitions take place against Young Boys on Tuesday.

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