Manchester United will affect the young Barchers of Bern and will be suitable for the eighth – Abbey League 2018-2019 – Football


Manchester likes playing with her; defeat his fans. After they have sent Juventus the case in the last minute in the # 39; previous game, the Mancunians have still been defeated in the wrestling time of the Boys Boys (1-0). This benefit, has been greatly won and in pain, Ensure Jose Mourinho's qualification for a 16th, coupled with Juventus, won by Valencia (1-0).

And there's plenty to remember from the evening on the Red Devils side. Despite goodwill in the & # 39; The first time, the Mancunians showed that they were correctly heard. Without Pogba or Lukaku, on his / her bend at A visit, Rashford, should be marked. The stripper had a great chance to play in the game (5th), which was near the Swiss backup. Ultimately, this failure was affecting the nightly nightmare that was in fact; going to play for the youth center ahead of the evening, multiplying the efforts out of frame (27th, 45th, 56th, 67th).

Excavating and then to & # 39; freeze

In the second half, long and last; We can have more intense expectations from Manchester, his & her; meeting is offset. And the Pogba and Lukaku indoor at the same time, almost all, have changed. Without De Gea horizontal (71), the Young Goths could even take part in this meeting. Eventually, he was under the bronze of an uninterrupted Old Trafford – and the songs of Swiss lightning fans – that Fellaini, after lukaku from the head, left Von Ballmoos (1 -0, 90mh + 1).

The final prize rescues its appearance and its; allows Manchester to confirm his presence for the levels of bankruptcy before he started Valencia on the last day. If the counterparts of Anthony Martial can not be satisfied with the content that is proposed, they have been essential at least.

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