Manchester United – Young Boys Living: A live concert


81 & # 39; Time to start to & # 39; run out and Manchester United is at the border. There would be enough focus to ensure that he was qualified at eighteenth.

75 & # 39; Young Boys develop more and more. Fear of fear!

69 & # 39; EXCLUSION OF GEA EXECUTIVEAfterward, a picture from the outside was saved on Mbabu and the keeper gave his best picture to take the ball on the line of the visit. NOTABLE! The warden will save United.

65 & # 39; Pogba shows its & # 39; He had his first sabbath at night: he is a leaving a balcony competitor and helping Rashford to start again defends it. The one who got the best opportunities in the duel is the attack.

63 & # 39; The changes are made in United!

60 & # 39; Mourinho called Lukaku. Belgian is preparing to enter.

56 & # 39; The fame and the Fellaini campaigns left only near the small area, but the Belgian went on to be very amazing! Another time lost in the local team.

52 & # 39; The Young Boys! A decision-making came to an end in a wall with Mbabu that passed nearby. Another man was afraid of Old Trafford.

46 & # 39; TO HOME DEVELOPMENTAfter the Juventus and Valencia match, United would have one goal to ensure their presence was among the 16 medals.

More statistics for the first time:

Figures left with the first part of the meeting. United has a property, and that is shown on the court. It has been close to identifying several times due to its general game.

45 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; END OF FIRST SCHEMESouth West Manchester United is affecting ownership of its & # 39; ball, but he can not identify his first goal of the game. Rashford lost several opportunities.

45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; B HE HE A & E; BÒIRICHEAN SIAR CHALLSThe Swiss Finished team finished their first clear chance in the first half, but Sow went through the tour and the ball went over.

45 & # 39; Added two minutes.

44 & # 39; Young boys get to go to; wall again and try to let her go; His field with touches, but when he comes close to his; The company recovers it again. And United is beginning to play a game again.

40 & # 39; Now it's Fred who's a # 39; explained after a new move with Manchester United. The image was taken with a left leg, to the right of the keeper. Closer and closer to the opening of its account.

35 & # 39; Over 70% of José Mourinho's team.

29 & # 39; The units agree hand. Lingard refused from a distance and the defendant had to throwing the case after hitting the arms. The referee will only get a corner.

26 & # 39; Rashford, more and more musicians in the duelle ron Young Boys. Now, he killed from outside the area and the ball was wide with a few centimeters.

22 & # 39; Matic has been organized for fraud.

19 & # 39; The protection is well positioned in the corner and prevents other risk. However, local team and assault always have control.

18 & # 39; Corner beat for Manchester United

14 & # 39; Great balance in the United and Rashford is appearing again. The young raid on his left leg burned, but the keeper saved.

13 & # 39; Manchester United appears to have little difficulty in persisting at the beginning of the meeting. So far Rashford has the best chance to gut.

6 & # 39; Once again, José Mourinho's squad is coming. Fred tried his freedom from outside her box, but the ball returned to be convicted. The local box is affected.

4 & # 39; UNITED USEThe Rashford frontier left only the ball over the goal. Mourinho's face explained everything. It was a clear choice.

The players are already on the field, and listening to the European League hymn. What's in today's produce?

Why is Mourinho on the edge of Alexis Sánchez again? It is still unknown what causes the conflict will face against a Spaniard who looks back from England in the next year.

José Mourinho's team could qualify for the second tour. What should happen? Try this evening and hope that Valencia will not be offset against Juventus.

Very good evening Here you can follow everyone The information between Manchester United and the Boys Boys for a fifth day of the H-Team Games League.

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