Maneuver, Conte: & # 39; We're responsible for & # 39 ;. But Salvini-Moscovici is a question. Third: & # 39; If the mortgage levels have a huge impact on it? – Politics


The EU conversation is still open after moving to move. However, while Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has a & # 39; try to emphasize its & # 39; "We are responsible, there is no striking outbreak against the EU", a new case will be held between the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. "On Italy I have a password that is no longer formal or misleading at this time: At the moment, communication with Italy is more useful than ever", said the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, participating in opposition to the Committee Members on European Affairs at the National Assembly of Paris. With Italy, he said, "we can approve the rules, come close to these rules, but there can not be a contract with carpet merchants"In a tennis – he said – when the ball falls on the line, maybe a bit out, an independent referee can think you have put a score (…) But if You smell the ball in the venues, there is no referee to accept the error. "Today, with Italy," the ball is in the centers, and the Commission is the referee ".

"The people of Italy – Salvini's response – not the people of trades of caterpillars or drinks, Moscovici continues to attack Italy, but his salary is also paid by the Italians, now that is enough, patience ".

"I'm thinking it wants the country's interest and the EU to minimize the interior and external debate to enable the conversation to be based"on budget law – said the Minister of Economics Giovanni Tria in the Senate questionnaire -. "The threats of" decline, he stresses, "needs to be addressed" in a collective and inconsistent manner and in this way the conversation with the commission is Continuing to achieve a shared solution ". "Layout of the" budget law "measures are still defined to ensure maximum employment and improvement efficiency," said Tria.

"We return, we do not do it", said Deputy Chief Superintendent Matteo Salvini, in the morning, speaking at Mattina Uno, on Rai 1, who talked about the dispute with her Brussels on the move. " We will not take any step back because The money we put into the economic move they are related to health, and health rights are not disturbed. There is an idea of ​​the growing Italian ".

"If it is Italian, we are not willing to give anything"he said Count He responded to those who asked him what Italian would change the move after and # 39; Brussels, Europe's border boundaries are not, reducing European risk.

"The breach procedure should be debated and I believe in the debate. I hope to negotiate and compare because we want to explain our reasons"said the former headteacher Luigi Di Maio says you can not feel guilty if you help with pensioners, unemployed people and young people. "We have a way to deal with different debts and I understand that some feel uncomfortable, but this is not possible to deal with Italy after years of murderers."


"We want to ensure that communication is good and appropriate between the Commission and the Italian authorities, the problem goes through the debate, we want to avoid negative effects that may spread to the rest of the continent, "said the EU vice president of the EU Katainen. "We want to talk not only to Italian authorities but also with other parts of society, departments, the private sector and trade unions," he said.

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