Mansour Faye definitely expresses the Sde •


The Hydraulics and Sanitation Minister, Mansour Faye was in the National Assembly yesterday, Sunday, November 25, to protect his department's budget. In front of the deputies, he allowed Suez's good election to win his rental contract. "Suez's option is to give him a secret to the State of Senegal. A few of them have been with the Sde with 5% of the shares if Suez suspects that 25% of the state shares. SDE will be better eliminated, "he said, in the columns of Sud Quotidien.

However, Mansour Faye made clear that the permanent jobs would be held under the second generation of the reform, including the general director but as an agent.

In addition, saying the minister, Senegal's interests will be preserved and the town will increase from 3 to 4 billion. In terms of apportionment, 25% State of Senegal will be distributed, 25% for national prizes, 5% for staff and 45% for its winning company; contract.
Finally, the minister said that the price of water would fall into Senegal indirectly.

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