Manuel Astorga said the "U" wants Claudio Bravo by 2020


Think of the Red captain with the blue shirt. Well, that's what the PF Manuel Astorga built in his online program "The one that is Calla, Astorga", keep that Chile University wants to return the city of Manchester City.

"That's the name Claudio Bravo instead of Johnny Herrera"He shot the man, confirming that the insolvency practitioner is looking for the introduction of a new one at the end, to leave at the end of the year.

For the sake of people bullangeuro, because of this, the slam was heard even at the Blue Caracol Bravo did not even affect the proposal, confirming that a few years are still in its first phase; according to Astorga, he said in the same place.

Astorga spoke on everything in his place

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