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These are just cards that they bought from AMD and inserting the box themselves, funny people.
There is no chance that ordinary designs are really true, if the number of chips / cards available is correct.

The VII is also an interim solution to keep some news in the upper section.

He is waiting for Navi. And for its first jump, it will be a & # 39; waiting to follow. Then Raja Koduri's legal legacy was eliminated. (Raja could be a quick, fast-looking designer, as a manager, I got a bit lower. You can not have some resources, but there are delays and poor marketing and so on to totally for writing as CEO leader, GPU division)

As long as I'm worried you're completely wrong. In the first place, Raja Koduri can not do anything about the problem he has; at present. The presence of AMD Radeon, which started in 2010, is a process, since AMD then reduced the R & D budget from 510M per quarter in 2008 to 323M per quarter in 2010. The This has maintained an AMD to a low level of 229M in 2015. It could not go wrong. There were already the first concrete features in the reblogged to the GCN architecture, the great illness with which materials such as Fury were; coming to the market and who did not fully renovate the line. Based on how I was already here in May 2016 AMD would have to come in at least one year later, that is, Vega certainly a year later) and may not Would it be today? participating (that's what we have now).

The best you can not do is for it. He would have to run with the belts he had; him. Indeed, Raja Koduri, according to his own words, has been able to prove AMD that PC surrender was not dead and there was bread. Ryzen's success is also due to Raja. Because of this, AMD lost an interest in a PC market and they did not worry about a high end with cpu. Raja also knew where AMD Radeon was wrong in the past, see a pcper interview:

His vision was short that AMD Radeon needed to have more market share possible to count on the best development of developers. This did not happen to him without AMD's interesting material (his words). The Polaris chart $ 199 had to discharge GTX 970 with that solution. In the past, crypcers have already already bought these cards and almost never finished with gamers. The whole objective (market share of the profit place) is like that. But to blame it? The other companies also had a big deal to meet market demand. It's just been a bad injury.

In addition, Radeon VII has little to wait for Navi. What is this cart that is now in & # 39; come at this price to & # 39; show that Navi does not reach this level of performance. Navi is likely to be lower in price and performance (<$ 249). So it's waiting for her & # 39; high cart after Navi. If the time is a good sign, it will take a month or 12 (see Vega, but also the 1080 Ti), and we'll see it. talk about September 2020.

The extremely limited measure does not make this as a keeper. The only benefit that AMD is listed in each of the highest components of the criteria. Do not accept that many gamers can be purchased. It's likely to cost $ 650.

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