Many children tend to be scared by fear


Photograph: Three brothers appear close to white tops.

Photograph: Three brothers appear close to white tops. |

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Children with more than one sibling tend to be frightened, compared to children with only one cousin.

So the research findings published by the American Sociological Society. Dinukil, the eldest child or his brother tends to be a bullying.

According to Dieter Wolke, PhD, from the University of Warwick, researcher and author of this study, the violence made by brothers brothers is the most common violence in the family.

However, unfortunately, it is considered to be part of the normal and growth and development. Indeed, from many evidence this can have a bad impact on the future.

Long-term effects, there is an increase in loneliness, crime and mental health problems.

Wolke and his co-author, Slava Dantchev, B.Sc., investigated to understand basic bullying causes, investigated the impact of family structure, childcare behavior, original social knowledge, original social knowledge, and children's confidence.

The researchers analyzed several mothers in a long time. Mothers report when children as young as five are often victims of fear or being carers.

In this research, children are included in four categories: victims, bad problems (identified as carers and victims), bullies or not joining together.

For two years, sibling relationships were explored. Mothers will ask questions about how long children will be. spend to get involved with their brothers in a variety of activities, such as craftwork or illustration.

Years later, at the age of 12, their children said they were frightened by brothers or were they had frightened brothers in the past six months.

Boys and girls were asked their age when they got frightened brothers' brothers first and when they scared other sisters.

Not only that, the researchers also collected family statistics from mothers, including the number of children who are experiencing children; living in the home, maternity status, the socio-economic background of the family. The same is true about a patient's mental health when he is pregnant, a child's parenting, domestic violence and child abuse and mother-mother relationships.

They were even a & # 39; Assessing each child's device, mental health, social emotional information and experience at different points during their early years.

As a result, around 28 per cent of children in this study were involved in sibling fear and psychological abuse the most common form.

Most children have been abusive, which has been done by their children. mean that fears and fears were, according to the study.

What is the reason?

The age that is too close to him, for example, two years after that is the beginning for brothers sisters to create this situation.

Children with almost age-olds tend to fight and play; competition is larger than those with an age gap longer.

Then, when children feel that their parents have a " treated unfairly, they immediately attack their brothers.

There is another reason, defined by Jennifer Shroff Pendley, PhD, a psychologist who focuses on the children's health system, and struggle between sisters and brothers who came from sexuality and related competition, named AccessibilitySouth Westerly

Generally, something sibling competition This was seen and felt when a mother in her mother's secondborn.

The second one that is pregnant with a mother is a really interesting thing. However, for the first child, this situation is a & # 39; worrying them. There is a feeling that parents are scared to lose their minds when the younger brother was born.

Attendance of new family members causes many changes, and includes changes and answers from sister sisters to new family members.

The situation grew different from the child's child, he started his & her; feeling uncomfortable when the people around did compare with other brothers.

However, this can be overcome depending on the age of the child. Children understand why, age development will influence the extent of their needs as individuals who are, growing.

"As we grow older, there will be changes to the needs, emergencies and the character of children later. This will affect how they relate to each other," said Pendley.

To overcome these conflicts, it is & # 39; Parents believe that there is an important role to play in preventing an unhealthy child competition between sisters and brothers.

Dinukil IDA Site, you can do some of these things to get over.

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