Many countries wanted Mark Zuckerberg-Information Technology hearings


Wednesday, November 21, 1818, 20:05 PM (GMT + 7)

An international consortium of government officials from eight countries sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, asking Facebook Heads to give evidence.

Many countries ask Mark Zuckerberg to give evidence - 1

EO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

Solicitors from Brazil, Latvia and Singapore said they would join officials from the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Argentina to attend the previous record recorded for July 27. 11.

Zuckerberg has invited to Damian Collins, a member of the British Parliament and a Canadian rebel Bob Zimmer. He did not accept the offer last week the council expanded to contribute to Argentina, Australia and Ireland officials. At that time, a UK writer in the UK could not Zuckerberg come to London for the hearing.

However, when the alliance consisted of eight countries, they proposed a new option for Facebook leader in the letter that was submitted on November 16 and published publicly on November 19: "I got We take note of your letter "which is present in London" on November 27th, in particular it does not produce evidence provision. Can you replace it by clicking on it? giving evidence through a video link? "

Ask if Zuckerberg had a & # 39; Think of a panel's problem solving enough, write a Facebook representative via email to CBS News: "We have nothing to do with this right now but let's know you change." Facebook has again raised the view that social networking institutors have exposed to the US and European Parliament in a letter dated 2 November. "Sir Zuckerberg can not appear in front of all his transportation." This is also the same twice as regards the presence of the CEO of the Facebook CEO since the Cambridge Analytica film went out.

Members of the "General Assembly" will solve their problem by addressing the # 39; join together, asking Zuckerberg to meet them at the same time instead of being alone. The campaign that sought Mark's accreditation was accelerated following the November 5 report in which the Information Commissioner "Facebook" declined that failed to secure secure personal information because he did not test the application and home. development by using appropriate platform ".

With a partnership in Brazil, there are 209 million people in the country, the population of the eight countries is more than the US population, 389 million compared to 326 million. This will increase the head of the world's largest social network leader.

Whether or not Zuckerberg is there, his London council consortium will meet on November 27, led by Damian Collins to deal with issues related to deceitful and non- complex.

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