Many housing houses, new areas designated for the opioid emergency treatment in Lethbridge


LETHBRIDGE – Residents have been struggling with Lethbridge Town Council for months and months to do something about the local opioid emergence.

Chris Spearman's host has given time and again it is a joint venture to deal with his / her. case, and on Friday, December 7, the continent announced some new support that will be introduced in 2019.

A new, permanent, sustainable housing center for Lethbridge supports adults with homeless people who have difficult issues such as the use of materials. The $ 11 million project gives a safe place for 42 people.

In addition, the regional government is investing $ 1.6 million to create up to 30 new places in the & # 39; town, and these places will be a safe place for people to stay long and they will make it up. False services can help to reduce the breach of neighbors and businesses, and also to; including access to services such as housing and healthcare programs.

Minister of Environment and Lethbridge-West MLA Shannon Phillips for the news of the Town Hall and spoke about the effects of local drug abuse.

"Lethbridge has a huge opioid decline, this is one of the worst emergencies in Canada. Not only for pre-rosal but homeless deaths and other issues in the middle, and how we are going to deal with these concerns, "said Phillips.

"This is a real, complex and challenging case. It's a very frightening for families to deal with it, we know that there are many people here in Lethbridge who are struggling with opioids, and so we need to make sure that we have services in the healthcare system to meet those needs.

"In addition, there is also a homeless case. We have some issues related to a few crimes, we have questions about home animation. In all that, the department needs to be & Responding, it is a public health emergency, a housing emergency, as well as a law enforcement rape. It must be a complete response because one thing can not solve the problem. "

In the first six months of 2018, 17 people in Lethbridge died of obvious opioid roots. Since its opening, the Lethbridge management service site has been operated by ARCHES, with over 71,000 visiting its user – one of Canada's tallest figures.

As of September 30, ARCHES staff have exceeded more than 620 seconds, so these new support will be the next step in the process of saving life according to MLA Lethbridge-East MLA Maria Fitzpatrick.

"I came from 32 to a half years of working in rectification, so I was very familiar with hardworking people. I live on the north side. ; I'm seeing people who have a tough problem every day when I'm at home. I know if we are doing the right things in which I can to put people in their phones so that they can cure, and be citizens who comply with the law in our community, "said Fitzpatrick, saying they are Give everything they can to Lethbridge what they've been asking for.

When asked about the impact on the site of management, Fitzpatrick responded that he had to come forward because he did not; You can save people in their enjoyment if they do not live.

"What you first wanted to save life. Now with the associated services that have been announced today, I think The businesses are seeing a positive impact because people do not hang around their business, "continued Fitzpatrick. "You'll see a fall on a few crimes, you'll see the most advanced answers from all those columns."

The department also expands a choice for people to be able to; Obioid treatment (OAT), such as methadone and suboxone, in Lethbridge and other areas.

The Opioid Internet Legionary Program (VODP) will connect patients who wish to start OAT with rulers in other parts of the department through video conferencing. Treatments can help people who use opioids to reinforce their lives.

Recent surveys also show that patients do not have a patient; opposing OAT is likely to commit serious crime.

Rob Davis, Lethbridge Police Chief Executive says that this investment in reducing harm, cure and sustainable housing opportunities is a unique step to help break up and down. drug cycle and reduce the impact of drug emergencies.

"This is a step in the right way to start responding to our questions. The public must respect that this is not happening overnight, this is a long game we're going into, this is an emergency we've never seen as in this province. "

Among the supports announced today, and the initiatives agreed by the Town Council's Town Council's finance committee for LPS, Davis believes that making progress in the new year.

"But again, we have to direct expectations. People believe that this is going to happen overnight, that is not going to happen, but we are going to happen. To achieve regular developments? Indeed. This news today is helping to move on that side.

"The funding for the campaigns will move us in the right way, and we are going through better work schedules for the better, so our officers will work when needed to Help with the community to feel safe. In general, the statements from the budget discussions and statements today, all make up to make the town better, "said Davis.

The way in which drug depression, not only in Bridge Bridge but across the country, has been broken over a year over something that nobody can see and as a result, Davis is say the police and their first respondents are disturbed.

"In 2014 when police services across the country spoke about the last four years, no one was able to see the drugs emerging on a crash. how he did, "he continued. "So now we play up and that's the biggest challenge, we are dealing with a crisis that nobody was expecting but the news today helps us with a long game going forward. "

The spouse Chris Spearman, for being better or worse, would have a huge impact on many of the community's worries about the crisis. Ask what today is & # 39; Meanwhile, he responded quickly that it was a good day for the Retail City.

"We have listened to the citizens, we have listened to our community partners, and we have now received the final funding for the four programs we were seeking support from the department. Our machine is now open at home, now we have been funded for tox in the home, supported housing that needs the same and the medical program for people who are wise, "said Spearman .

Spearman has talked about the needs for these programs and support in Lethbridge and saying that as a drug case and a health case, they needed regional support.

"By opening only the site underpinning the creation of additional problems, it took into account the truth that these services did not have and today they have funded," he continued. "Now our case is now as fast as we can put in place as we still have these questions so that they are going on. "

Spearman says they want to work together effectively as partners with the local government to ensure that those services are in place as soon as possible to serve the community and the negative items associated with the & # 39; Lethbridge drug reduction.

As far as the place for these resources, Spearman says that 's not in; Backyard is always a challenge but they plan to work very effectively.

"I think that the whole community knows that these services need us to tackle the problems of people suffering from home , and until we all suffer. These are very control resources that run up and running in other areas, and there are very few of cases in neighbors where they were set, "said Spearman, asking them to look forward positively and without creating things before they happen.

Health Alberta also announced a safe management of the Tribal Blood replacement on Thursday, December 5, which provides tolerance treatment services.

The programs and facilities in Lethbridge have different opening dates, but Phillips announced early in 2019 for the supportive housing area and sometime in 2019 for the new engineer venues.

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