Many of the plans are to divide trips to Long Thanh and Tan Son Nhat


The Air Department has just submitted two plans to the Ministry of Transport to exploit the use of Than Than Long and Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Therefore, the Department recommends that Than Thanh airports be a " make use of the route internationally over 1,000 km; Tan Son Nhat international routes are under 1,000 km; Home flights only by two airports selected by airplanes Option 2 is a non-ASEAN flight trail set in Than Thanh, within the ASEAN department in Tan Son Nhat.

"The departmental criteria will be reviewed after their first five years of work," said air staff.

On the side of the air, Vietjet and Jetstar Pacific agree fundamentally to Plan 2 of the Air Department. However, Vietjet recommended to expand the plan 2 in relation to the # eliminate international Tan Son Nhat international connection with an ASEAN section that can connect to any country.

Vietnam Airlines recommends another option, which is a. allows operators to run all internationally registered functions and optional housing routes in Thanh Long; Tan Son Nhat is not just found in the house.

Lotus design at Than Thanh airport

Long Thanh Airport Aerial View Design.

Earlier, at the beginning of the Long Thanh International Airport survey, the Japan-France-Vietnam Advisers Partnership (JFV) proposed a plan that was different from the recommendation of the Air Department.

In particular, in accordance with the consultation unit, foreign-owned foreign airlines work in Than Thanh, a low bearers who work in Tan Son Nhat. Vietnam's airline companies are long-term international flying in Long Thanh, short international tour of Tan Son Nhat.

Thanh Long takes 85% of international flights (including Vietnam Airlines and foreign airlines) and 12% of home air fares from Vietnam Airlines (HCM City – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City route) . – Da Nang). Other companies such as Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific, Bamboo Airways, Vasco run only in Tan Son Nhat.

However, the Head of the Air Department stated that the legal system has no criteria to make a difference between full-service passengers and low cost air carriers. Therefore, the plan for the airlines to be divided according to the service criteria of the appropriate consultation units. In addition, the plan for separation of international airlines of airlines based on specific short-term criteria, is not difficult to assess the ability to operate airports.

From this view, in a paper sent to the Ministry of Transport, the Air Department has proposed a plan by its " criterion in maintaining both domestic and domestic work in each court; Make sure there is scope to take advantage of balance, discrimination; suitable for a repository scale of Long Thanh Airport.

An airplane said, airlines want to work in Tan Son Nhat because many airports have a lot of tourists, close to the airport. long distance while Long Thanh Airport is far away, unfinished traffic, passengers will take more than one hour to move to the center. Therefore, the Ministry of Transport should make an administrative decision to dispose of aircraft with the aim of reducing the Tan Son Nhat device, a consensus between the parties.

In addition, a division of Than Thanh International or Tan Son Nhat International Airport is not possible, as the daily air plane does not operate both domestic and international aircraft. void void from Tan Son Nhat to Thanh long.

"The passage of routes is dependent on air market growth, as Don Muong (Bangkok, Thailand) would become an airport within Suvarnabhumi Airport, and again To be a international airport as a result of the increasing number of passengers

There is a total investment of over 16 billion international Thanh Long airports. In general, there will be an investment union of more than 5.4 billion of money at its disposal; first phase in 2025, it will invest in the construction of a terminal, passenger destination and other supportive features with 25 million passenger capacity, the purchase of 1.2 million tonnes of goods per annum.

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