Many prisoners will include a series of cities, and # 39; steal 10 billion Laws


According to information from the provincial police officer Quang Ninh, the group has investigated and a group of three drug traffickers were arrested, including Nguyen Quang Nguyen, Pham Van Cuu and Nguyen Cong Hoan (together the Dong Hung area) Thai Binh).

This panel is specializing in & # 39; threatening many valuable resources in the residential homes in the town. Ha Long and TP. Phase Pha. The number of assets with these three names was up to 10 billion.

Invaded experts have stolen thousands of money - picture 1Nearly 10 billion VNDs were stolen from three towns with super houses.

According to the certificate, on October 24, 1977, Cuu works with Hoan from Thai Binh to Quang Ninh to plan theft. Seeing that there are many rich houses in the area, many of them are backbone. These two men designed and designed; break into your home on Tran Quoc Chien Street (Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City) by climbing it up; wall and then opening door to & # 39; kitchen behind the house.

Finding homeowners who & # 39; sleep, explore two owners of the building. Find the second floor with salvage chests, What to turn to & # 39; safe bell and to lower the first floor, and then take the bar to break the tank, go to investment money and precious stones worth more than 4 billion. In the evening, the two travelers took the bus to escape from Thai Binh.

Invaded experts have been putting billions of money - photo 2Benefits to # 39; eel-eyed, three objects were easily stolen on buildings.

In 8/2018, Cuu called Hoan and gave him another "Nguyen" to continue to Quang Ninh to steal property in the town. This time, the other three boys chose in Ben Do, TP. Phase Pha. With their training skills, they will quickly enter and go to; safe break to get 1.5 billion.

In addition, the three say they had been involved in Mr. K's home stealing a value of more than 4 billion worth. At Mr K's house, the owner forgot that he did not forget to lock the door before he went to bed and was convicted. They use a gas attack for invading and invading them.

Receiving the news, and at the same time a & # 39; Following the issues, the Quang Ninh Criminal Police Department has been in the process of investigating and analyzing it. investigate, arrest three things.

Authorities continue to & # 39; case, has been clarified.

Hoang Duong – Ngoc Hai

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