Many sisters changed channels


(Dan Viet) Fortunately you will not see but many sisters need to get bitter fungus from the fountain.

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Ear fungi are many "sisters" sisters.

It is to fade the nose to build a nose, plan a chin, stretching bills … a very useful way in the & nbsp; beauty industry because it affects the constraints of the knife blade. However, recently, many sisters "on the broadcast" have all other forms of beauty related to feng shui that is: fill ears of nets.

Frequent filling is often referred to as a compound, made up of hyaluronic harassment as a natural material in human body. This material contains a place of hyaluronic acid in cells or defective bodies, causing clothing. The purpose of arranging the skin's meaning is to increase a certain degree size within a short time.

Allow the filling into the ear in 10-15 minutes and usually cost 5-9 million.

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If you want to create good luck, change.

In fact, this way has been on showbiz as: actress Mai Ho. A beautiful face, slim shape but a "weakness" is a small ear, so beautiful. And as a good person in the care of beauty, the "old" Tran Thanh decided to set out nettle carriers on a clear shoreline, to balance and desire more fortune. South Westerly

Ms. T.B.P (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi): "As long as I listen to the audience telling my ears, there is no fortune and even a good life, so I set me to fill the jetty to be fortunate, change"

I'm so proud of you: much more what you're thinking about 3

Mai Ho is one of the original legends that have been filled with iarobes to exchange feng shui.

However, after a week of cheats, his ears still shouting, pain and his feeling were hard as ice. At this time, a new GP has a new GP to find out that the problems of the poor fill. Go to a friendly facility to "catch the temple", she refused because no contracts or documents were expressed. Fortunately you can not see, it's just because it's almost cuts off the iarobeas due to necrosis.

Mrs T. T. (Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh) is also one of the beauty fans and has defeated Feng Shui's ear. As you know, this is a bit, there is not much clothes and time is not spent. "After finishing, the ears look deeper, a & # 39; look more suited to the face because there is no known fortune ", Mrs. T. shares.

Thai Hang Nga, a well-known expert, said:The application of the functional shape of the device that uses a non-permanent, non-filler, non-invasive filler. With this material, after being inserted just under the skin, you can do it as you want, complete the empty device. The ear is damaged by filling to shape the required shape. But be sure to do it correctly and with experienced, skilled doctors. "

Close full filling filled.

However, experts also said that today's market is difficult to complete quality control. With a lack of knowledge or psychology negotiation has been the management of many women not to be based, filled after the invasion of attacks, swelling, causing problems. Cases may cause necrosis.

According to a cosmetic specialist, typically no more than 1cc in the filler device is inserted into the ear ear, the skin's maximum distribution will cause the skin to be a problem, causing a & # 39; Following ineffective consequences for a long time.

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