Many uses of social networks reduce their decline among young people


Is the use of social networks causing dementia? Are there more users who are likely to be? The study of the University of London will be examined to address the problem, aiming at its & # 39; the public.

According to the researchers, Women under 14 are twice more likely to show signs of depression linked to the use of social networks, compared to men of the same age.

Young women who use them significantly (more than five hours a day) have more dangers to give bad signs. "It seems, Girls are struggling with these sides of their lives more than children"Professor Yvonne Kelly, who led the study, said.

They themselves in the networks

40% of the girls consulted said they were suffering harassment online, also known as "online bullying"; However, among people this percentage is 25%. In addition, 40% of teenagers said they are suffering insomnia, compared to 28% recorded. In addition, young women, self-esteem and low comfort are often associated with body image more often.

"These results are important in drawing directions when social networks are used safely. Also impose on & # 39; The management of these platforms' hours of activity, especially among young people, "said Kelly.

The specialist, professor of the Epidemiology and Health Institute on the University of Britain, stressed that parents should take action on this issue and "where and when social networking is right to use. "

According to Kelly, the research results "are disturbing the evidence that Many more young women present a variety of mental health problems than young men, and about the damage they may cause, including self-harm and self-suicidal thoughts. "

Simon Wessely, an expert in psychology consulted by The Defender, believes that it can not be proven to prove that the use of social networks adversely affects mental health, "although it is the evidence begins to & # 39; identify that direction"

New age

Because there is a worry that it's & # 39; Growth over the many uses of digital devices (social networks, cell phones, and more), the name "becomes clear"digital wellbeing"Various organizations around the world require developers and manufacturers to help those who help control of technology use.

Some environments started, such as the latest Android version, phones and some social networks, including machines for limited time of use, silent quotes, and above all day-to-day information that warns consumers about their customs, sometimes too much.

"Everyone needs to take responsibility, including social network giants, to help young people develop and maintain good mental health, rather than a & # 39; allow for construction problems to the place where they need specialist help ", determined in this regard from NHS, the National Health Service of England.

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