Manzur said he's investigating what to do with a # 39; removing national transport subsidies


"There is no doubt that something needs to be increasing the bus ticket to reduce this situation," he warned the president.

Following the National Government's measurement not to include monthly subsidies to public transport in a & # 39; the 2019 national budget, which affects the businesses and users of Tucumán, the ruler, Juan Manzur, that this fact is represented in all parts of the country.

Manzur explained that there is concern in the regional Cabinet: "In the morning I was meeting the economic team to see what the options are and now the Minister – from Economy, Eduardo Garvich – going to the legislation to talk about the budget ".

He also said: "We see great disturbance as the national government draws back and does not provide the money to support fuel or transport, and as then the staff department, and the drivers also, have been able to talk to us. To see what we do We are in a very difficult situation because people can not pay $ 40 for the general ticket, but Nation does not pay money. "

However, the Governor said that the Tucuman Government wanted another option: "We will see how the provincial Government can help. We see that the national government to delete, not only from Tucumán but from other departments. I spoke to a number of rulers and they all stay in a difficult situation. "

He said: "We will have a meeting again to see how we can help. Certainly, something needs to be done more than a bus ticket to reduce this situation. From the Government we are investigating it. "

The president said that Nation does not take these measures not only for transport, "but in all sections. It does not fund to PROFE (the Use program Current health, which supports people with disabilities) in health issues. We have a lack of coverage but there are boundaries. "(

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