Mara Venier will be successful and successful. get rid of Ultimo. But Barbara Drso was the challenge


Mara Venier get another benefit Sunday.

The program that is seen as key stakeholders praises marriage for Serena Rossi and the new relationship between the Venetian exhibition and Arisa It will reach 20.4%, and & # 39; affecting 3,238,000 spectators. A Marine sister tells her fans about Instagram's message where she says to succeed Simply: "Thank you all".

A & # 39; wait I'm in a fight and I'll write them:

Special specialty.

She does not know how to move it with real emotions:

Yesterday yesterday I called a lot … … Super super ? …. The space dedicated to Mimi! Mara, you're the woman and the visual artist VERACE

It was a good bet. , especially when you remembered Mia Martini ♥ ️

Someone wants her to invite him Maria De Filippi be two television women in the same studio:

Thank you Mara for giving us the amount. Come, I'll give you a friend's advice. Invite him one of the Sabbaths for Maria de Filipi. It would be beautiful. Two characters on the series together. I do not know how you can see this. But I know that Mary is also in your heart.

In fact it is not needed in comparison with the truly rival of the Venier, Barbara Drso. Write the followers:

Instead of seeing the Bear, I prefer to pay the tax, this year more than ever!

And again:

I usually do not follow, yesterday I was at home … I'm going to; get a lot better and enjoyable compared to what goes to Mediaset.

But Barbarella is not doing it gribecause of his Sunday The most visible cover of his time, as stated the official statement Mediaset, and you will definitely publish Instagram:

The correct figure previously recorded by the "Domenica Live" program is 2,415,000 total audience and a 16.31% share. The Barbara device Urso (also taken from 17.25 to 18.45) is also this week to confirm its full director and his / her; affecting peaks that reach 3,000,000 spectators and 18%. Sunday Live Politics is also very good with the host of Italian President of the Silvio Berlusconi Forra, which produces 2,070,000 total spectators and a 12.23% division.

It seems to be the two enemies agreed. In fact, Drsor is the Venier limited to comment on "thanks"Supporters will support her:

You've been very good at giving me that I have a. Continue on Sundays and strength ? Barbarella

But many are unavailable show audio data:

But why does this showcase the audio, boooo, we do not; cared for

And then:

Phones for self-esteem will think of how they are putting them !!!!!!!

Although Barbarella needs to face the usual judgments, Marine biography is a great pleasure, even though it's ready. Last week, Ultimo and Loredana Bertè defected Sunday following his controversy about the results of Festival Sanremo.

well, the singer He cited the producer and made them her excuse. Maybe thank you to Fiorello's recommendations? La Venier, who was proud of TV, said: "Among some of my friends who did not appear last Sunday, Ultimo was the only man who made me get my excuse".

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