Maradona, about Scaloni: "You can go to the World Championship, but on a motorcycle …"


Diego Maradona, coach of Dorado de Sinaloa, criticized Argentinian national team with Lionel Scaloni, an example to Mexico, Gerardo Martino complained.

"I was playing with New Orleans's Martino's Tata & # 39, and he's a good man, now they talk about it in Mexico and we're sorry. play the boy Lionel Scaloni, who is not responsible for being there, but it is the problem that he creates it technically and wants to Go to the World Cup, you can to go, but to ride a Cycling Motorcycle, not a football, "he said.

Maradona said he was angry because he was responsible for Scaloni, who does not know if he has a coach title.

"Mexico is not easy to guide, Martino is going to be cruel, but in Argentina we are so sorry that we will not learn how we will go with César Luis Menotti, Ricardo Gareca, Gustavo Alfaro, Marcelo Gallardo, Guillermo Barros Schelotto. and Scaloni, we live against the world, "he said.

In terms of a game that won its 2-0 team last night to Juarez, The first part of Ascent's league halves, Maradona thanked him to be closer and closer to the title and remembered that he spent many hardships before arriving in Mexico.

"Soccer is paying, faster or longer, if it is not for fraud by my partner, Alejandro Mancuso, when I was building my signature, I would be a coach Argentine national team, I have no doubt, but as I believe in a friendship, now in Sinaloa, have to reside again as a technology, "he said.

After World Cup in South Africa, Mancuso put a knit on the name of Maradona for a Chinese videogame company and left Argentina's national team and went to Al Wasl and then Al Fujairah before arriving at Dorado in the -Check last.

The Argentinian star turned to Dorado in the 14th place and moved back from his abstinence until he went to the group. Now it has won the first chapter of the half-rounds.

"We know each other well, Juarez and Dorados, we have made an attack on us in the second half and they had no way to do, Saturday we play according to the problems we see." Le Luis Islas I analyzed the problems and attributes we have had, "he said.

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