Maran Ahli. Meeting between Khatib and Suleiman. And Jose's attendance


12:07 PM

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Books – Writer Masrawy:

Mahmoud Al Khatib, the chairman of Al Ahli Club, was to attend the game before the Algerian Al-Saoura, which was held for Saturday, in the sixth and final round of the African Championship League. .

Al-Maran saw a meeting between Al-Khatib and Walid Sulaiman, the team player, where the Fort Ruis chief had managed to convince the player.

In a related context, the Portuguese coordinator Manuel Jose, the club's former manager Ahli, would be present at the morning of the morning team.

On the other hand, club club Al Ahli, gave a short technical talk to the players before the start of the morning on the island of "Mukhtar Tash".

Asarti wanted to meet his players at the beginning of the game, for explaining a number of technical issues on the playground.

Al-Maran Al-Sabahi continued Mohammed Al-Shennawi's training in the athletics side of Al-Muran Al-Ghanem, in the aftermath of a trauma in Al Ahly's opposition Vita Club.

Mid-player Al-Ahli Hamdi Fathi has started training around the stadium on the team lines.

Fath struggled with physical training and rehabilitation at the playground before training in the body of the organization.

Al Ahli who was playing at the center was suffering from a muscle back through a Petrojet game; the game was not completed and the medical examinations were left from four to six weeks.

Separated from the Walid team Sulaiman went through intensive training and rehabilitation on the Al-Muran lines where Al-Ahly suffered the threat of killing in their knees in Alness. -Ararara in January.

It is worth claiming that Al Ahli is the net and that the group is made up of seven points, one point behind the young Algerian Al Saoura.

Al Ahli needs to be victorious on Group D, which includes Vita Club and Semba Al-Tanzani alongside JS Al-Saoura.

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