Marbhrann Viareggio, the complaint claims 15 years and six months for Mauro Moretti. An old member of Rfi and Fs: "I am proposing a statutory statute"


The lawyer asked Florence for 15 years and 6 months of confirmation Mauro Moretti, both as airs of Rfi and as an advance of Fs (for this part he was abolished in the first stage where he was sentenced 7 years) for the destruction of Viareggio 2009 that 32 died. The complaint also asked 14 years and 6 months Michele Mario Elia (old RFI) and 7 years and 6 months for Vincenzo Soprano (previously to Trenitalia). The applications will include six months less for ordering some offenses. "I noted what the procurator said, it has been a number of years who will consider the order and I was often referred to the target, for the order, for Viareggio facts. I will restore them, I make it out of respect for people who are in a position. suffering, families of people who suffer and suffer; pain. I do it because I think I'm innocent "Moretti spoke in a court hearing. In the first step in Lucca, ending on January 31, 2017 with 23 sentences and 10 receptionsMoretti was convicted for 7 years in prison as President of the Italian Rail Network, but was resigned as a member of Ferrovie dello Stato, and was in Elia, who was a member of the Italian rail network, given 7 year and 6 months, as in Soprano, ex ad de Trenitalia.

In the test – they started in the past days – all the allegation brought them back The constitution of security and security is a infrastructure, expressing them to the failure of FS and RFI guidance. The master had remembered her & # 39; A group located next to the routes that caused a gash in the car that was converted from the gas outlet and then break and fire. He also took care of him transition risk of special goods in the center of the houses, which is well known to the experts and also what is expected – even under real issues in the railway safety guidelines. One thing, in the review of the risks that RFI did not include, was in accordance with the complaint affecting shortcomings and inertia for the railway infrastructure managers.

The restrictions' statute has formally entered the appeal process and, disturbing the erosion of specific offenses, fire and personal injury. But the cut & # 39; On the penalty of enumeration, although expected, with some sound in the & # 39; first stage of the test when the center needed Luciana Piras – in the general declaration of the first sentence conviction – to return the sentence to German and German defendants. Austria is that, the owners of the railway companies that have first saved their audience.

So, ask her & # 39; general lawsuit, in the revision of the sentence in the first place, 8 years and 10 months imprisonment Rainer Kogelheide of the Jungenthal companies Patrick Linowski of Gatx Rail Germany; 8 years and 6 months for Johannes Mansbarth and Roman verse of Gatx Austria; 8 years and 6 months for Uwe Koennecke head of Jungenthal workshops in Hanover; 7 years and 6 months for Andreas Schroter and Uwe Kriebel of Jungenthal, and for Helmut Brodel de Gatx. In addition, Piras asked instead of a 8 year place Joachim Lehmann, leader of maintenance workshops at the outset: "He had a 17-hour contract for each year for a tax of 700,000 euros – Piras had explained – but he did not look after them" .

On requests, the Piri Piri center said "we can not be aware that the really tough facts have been shaken out of order like spong and sponge. This leaves a strong sense of justice". Then going to register the posts, he said" for my duties, for this duty, to ask me not to go ahead "for the crimes that have been to be extinct. Unfortunately, failure, neglect, organizational deficiencies are disturbed to the managers of companies that hire freight cars to Fs. Piras said they did not "maintain their best "." If the companies and managers had seen the procedures – he said – the essential issues regarding the materials would be fully anticipated and they would also have been aware of how they were stocked and # 39, caused by the slaughter of the freight carriage. "The accident was started by expressing, one to one, from the oldest to the children, the names of the people who suffer. Such activity explained: "Normally – the master said – in the exams for convicted crimes, the names of those who have been reminiscent forgotten."

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