Marcelo fears Ronaldo: I do not believe Real and go to Juventus


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Real Madrid Dealer, Marcello, said he did not know why he was thinking about doing it; move to Juventus. According to the "karyokata", these are beliefs that nothing is to be done in fact.

"I'm a Real Madrid player and I have a contract with her club, I do not know where the facts came from, I had no discussions with Juventus, yes, Ronaldo is there and it's a good deal friend, but that does not mean anything. "

"Tell me he was leaving Real before the end of the European League with Liverpool, but that does not mean I'll go there," said am Brazilach 30 years to Esporte Interatio.

From the beginning of this season, Marcelo has 3 goals and 1 support in 23 Committees for Real.

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