Marcelo Gallardo riddle: the impact of his winning coach in the history of the River


To be one of the most successful technicians in history The River With 9 titles (three local, six international), to win the label "Napoléon", to feel comfortable every time he goes to the field with his / her; "Muñeeeco, Muñeeeco ", to finish consecration Boca over the Libertador Cup Superfinal, The Marcelo Gallardo got nutrition with a different influence. To create his puzzle as a coach, he used knowledge from the people who left teaching or advice for submitting to the conservation shop throughout his career as a football player. And he also played on TV, on the teams that gave the equipment to his devices for his opinion. Not in the challenges that gave a live lesson and guidance.

In the book Monumental Gallardo, from the journalist Diego Borinsky, the technician agrees to leave out if he has taken game, game or game management scams, and then he has used it with his / her album. "Gallardo was fed by all his coaches, especially Marcelo Bielsa and Alejandro Sabella", pray the work. Al Crazy It was in the National Agency. A Pachorra, in the River Reserve and as an assistant Daniel Passarella field, as it is a tie link. "But the most thing I have about how I was to; feel a game. Pass, control, support, options and help them to think, to see things before, a solution in the best way to do beforehand. In football as soon as with a lot of freedom, it is the most difficult to think quickly, that is the reason we are doing; trying to represent real game situations, "he explained in the book.

"I always thought that good teams from good players came together and that's, they went naturally, but listening to Bielsa I was already aware that there was something else. In addition, I found out the impact of a team coach", explained his coach on what he added, the expanded and aggressive, vigorous and up-to-date extent of information that the Gallardo teams have shown .

"Marcelo was a good middle-in-house garden, he had all his possibilities to stand out in that situation. With the conditions necessary to play there, there is one in there is nothing to do with the system (execution) or with the move (boundaries) I'm talking about imagination that allows them to organize the property, Draw the picture and include thinking about it. Gallardo's gift was to tell what happened before he got the ball as he understood what happened after his involvement. I made the progress to turn into attack, to manage a & # 39; game to the place where the competition was not defensive. I think it's the difference that makes it different and makes it a good coach. how it externally evaluates what happens inside the field. Identify how to choose, but also correct, "he added Crazy in the book. It is enough to see the doll of the doll in the second trip of the Superclassic, which the Libertadores explained to determine his final sentence.

I was in the eighth department when I was Alejandro Sabella, Ranger Daniel Passarella, nominated for the first time for the Reserve. He took the center gap, in the game against the Platense. And he went into the second half. Since then Marcelo Gallardo put a deep link Pachorra, who came across football. With this Kaiser also, to the point that she is a child Nahuel, his eldest son and a member of the professional team. However, the previous defender showed the "start gate" twice as a post. One as a DT, in his second phase in the River. And another man as president, in the third one.

Sabella, gun. From that he learned several recommendations in group management and how she can help young people develop and upset the problems. For example, how they were being taken out of their club and their; inviting them to eat at home, how he even used the pool as a player, with faults like Javier Mascherano. "Gallardo is undoubtedly one of the hardest in the history of a large institution such as the River, he has celebrated his reputation. He is a good coach, who has made history. And I hope it's still doing it because I'm so fond of it, I value it, I'm very interested. He does a wonderful job. It is NapoleonPachorra said at a news conference on Wednesday, a scanned test that broke out, and left that lesson that's going on. passing the ball.

Guardiola & Barcelona is probably a mirror in which Gallardo is to reflect, beyond that Doll, without losing the nobles, change your team's game to the tools with which it is; Count and what your opponent can recommend. Both informal points of union, from the date of birth (18 January), include some motions. "Breading an attractive person, it's the truth, I would not like to do it, but I needed to solve and communicate to avoid, because of my physical, and my intention is to take a ship as quickly as possible. Delay, maybe it seems with Guardiola, a type of tax in Barcelona, ​​"named 10 in his book.

Although he had never been encouraged to speak face-to-face, when he traveled to Europe by looking after training methods and living conclusions after going through the National of Uruguay , he was present to examine Mancherter United 1 – Bayen Munich (with Pep in the bank) 1. Y In the Vicente López office there were compacts from the various Blaugrana de Guardiola championships (also from Arrigo Sacchi Milan, to do his weight).

The increasing increase is one of the concepts that Gallardo always breaks. At the same time, one of the winning cards that Guardiola will always make bids. "This is one of the things we have been aiming at first and worked very well for us, with a lot of detail in speed. The increase is abundant from the producta. If there are two strikers, the keeper we have 3 against 2 or down a leaflet we are 4 against 2, so we move on in the field, and when the enemy out, you will link to the wall and leave it behind the line. passing past and you made a steady increase. If they are in the middle, 3 are opposed to 3, with the protected one that is added to the # 39; largest member 4 are opposed to 3. This affects domino from back to face, "explained Matías Biosay in Gallardo Monumental.

Yes, the technician leader who sank in the World Cup with the National Team is a "influential" in the Gallardo way. Al Doll There was a fear that something would be interesting in September 2011. Universidad de Chile was destroying National for the Sudamericana Cup 1-0 in Santiago and 2-0 in Montevideo (just 45 minutes before his game was suspended by a trial that was assisted by a judge). Despite her & # 39; defeat, Sampaoli team left a good idea. "We lost one of the best teams in South America", he said, finally over to his case.

"I had been aware of how they were very stressed, it was a real attack proposal; there, with a straightforward attack to persist. At that time I welcomed Sampaoli and I shot him, "said Gallardo in the book. Onwards of Casilda in the videos that show the players to understand what they want from their teams.

Sampaoli, a river fan, enjoys the Gallardo era. "In addition to the success in the results, The River with a proposal that is related to the history of its club, linked to full language. I see that a defined purpose is common among the teams that we are. guide. This River of Gallardo created an approach to me for the River of the world, I returned from the place of the fan ", the circle closed Sampa.

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