Marcelo Gallardo told Real Madrid: "We can fight with anyone"


Marcelo Gallardo enjoys the Copa Libertadores de América that has been defeated against Boca in Madrid, but now he has been in a position. begin to think about the next challenge; in the River: World Cup Cup.

The Doll said "we can not compete with such powers" when he is going to compete; talks about Real Madrid, although he had heard: "This team can compete with anyone, we have to play and see something each."

When this final decision against Real Madrid was against Barcelona, ​​Gallardo said: "In 2015, we faced one of the best teams in the world and we did not have the opportunity. "

"At that time we did not go into the best way, now we can fight with anyone. It was an amazing success. there, "decided the River technician.

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