Marcelo Tinelli, about the Superfinal events: "We took an unfortunate picture, he was sad"


Marcelo Tinelli commented on the program on Monday night it gets out to do it strong analysis about the events that took place during the weekend around the Copa Libertadores Superfinal between River and Boca. "Sometimes they seem to forget football players, who have suffered a terrible attack," he said.

Despite the driver, a deputy voice in a football world for his career as a director in San Lorenzo, has put the fight on Saturday to stop his arrest; game: "If you do not have to play their game, do not play it, he's already. But things need to be better. Think about everything we have done so that the bars have so much power. What has been done to benefit those bars that we can not fight today. "

"I wanted to put it basically kiss to Boca squad, we also need to think about the players, who do not suffer victims, are they; suffer. They wanted to play a football match with a player in the clinic. Fortunately, there was a common sense, although play was necessary, "San Lorenzo's former vice president.

Tinelli was very important about the security work: "They threw stones to the patient when he went out on the field. They broke everything around the game. You need to work with responsibility and truth. It seems that we all comment on what happens, but what will we do to change? We gave an unfortunate picture, but we're sorry that we are not responsible ".

"The most important thing, at the expense of the players, is likely to be at the expense of cost." Always shouting, saying that they made motions or mistakes; singing above her son, it's really what happened. He is a sick companion many times. It's awful and does not criticize the River or Boca or the Government, but no one can. take responsibility. We hope we can change, we need responsibilities and steps, we will do something, "he said.

In terms of what's coming, driver Showmatch He said: "Today we're thinking of when you play or have to be a hero. Who thinks of the players that attacked? The pictures, videos, are seen good for all. He will do it to go to court. We need solutions. I think it's amazing. "

"I do not speak as vice president San Lorenzo, I speak as a person. The statement said they found a stone had fallen, but they were a million. People who were stolen outside the playground, carrying even people's paths left their court, "he said.

The suspicious closure was: "No person cares about the points of the River or the Boca points, which is important now that something has been done so that you can continue to. playing football. Something has to change We can not access the next man like that. There are players who do not want to play more, and & # 39; feeling emotional, targeted. We are all prisoners of this system"

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