Marcia Cross talks about fighting cancer. "You don't need to be embarrassed about the disease"


Marcia Cross, a comedian from the Bree career series; Gotowe's wszystko, a few months ago, she said on Instagram that she is suffering from cancer pain. Now in the magazine People & # 39; she told the truth about her illness.

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1. Marcia Cross, honest about her illness

Marcia Cross fell ill with breathing cancer in 2017. The actress passed through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She first wrote of the disease on Instagram in September 2018. She looked at a short hair clip. Fans were worried about the actor's appearance.

A day later, she realized that it was the treatment of medicine that caused the change in appearance. Already, under Marcia's acceleration, there were ideas from other women who had also been diagnosed with this type of cancer. It was very important for them to adopt the great actress.

Marcia also talks about her illness in the most recent interview for magazine & People.

2. Trying to remove cancer is not allowed

Marcia said in an interview that she has a mission. I want to speak aloud of a disease that most people are embarrassed. From the stories of people who, like her, fought against cancer and won the battle, shame and shame through it.

Marcia Cross talks about her illness. He is breaking the taboo about breast cancer

Marcia Cross talks about her illness. He is breaking the taboo about breast cancer (

According to the actor, there is nothing to be ashamed. Cancer is the only cancer of cancer and other cancers and can be cured. He cannot take the right judgment away from him.

Marcia Cross was not the first to recognize breast cancer. In 2006, Farrah Fawcett, who was famous for Angels of Charlie & # 39; The struggle against this disease was. After the three-year battle with cancer, the actor died. She was 62 years of age.

3. Heart disease

It is thought that people are most commonly known between 50 and 60 years of age. If it appears in younger people, it usually takes the form of a bad course. Men are more likely to suffer from breast cancer.

The disease becomes slow and first it causes no specific symptoms. First of all, there might be a concern that there are changes, as is dirty feud or dishonesty.

Reasons for rising the risk of illness we have been smoking, cigarettes and too few fruits and vegetables in a diet, eating too much red meat, obesity.

Women who don't give birth also get breathing breath.

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