Márcico: "There are river fans who change these Libertadores against Boca because they do not come down"


The Superfinal is over, but it's still playing. Alberto Márcico, one of the idols in the history of Boca, He opened the polemic with a sparkling phrase against the River.

"My River fans are saying to me" I am enjoying the Copa Libertadores because I do not. go down. "" So the river's most important game in its history was the court against Belgrano. ", burned in the network.

And then he leaned on: "Within three to four years, they can finish the Copa Libertadores tour again and where the story can be changed because Boca can win quietly, but he can not & # 39; dragging, Boca has never been gone, because the most they've never been gone. "


"I agree with Riquelme, we learned badly, the River did not play well but when it moves to connect, he is an owner of his / her owner; game. "

"It's time to be calm, it's time when everyone has a question in Boca, we need to focus on the next year trying to update the story and convert it. "

"Heinze likes for Boca coach, he has a lot of knowledge in Europe and can help a lot."

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