Marco Schwarz is a whistleblower


World Cup

Carinthian was 23 years old, who was losing gold, Bronze in WM-Kombi.

Marco Schwarz lost gold in the World Championship, but he can save himself with his bronze base. This was the third ÖSV in Sweden after both by Vincent Kriechmayr, who had been in a position; bronze in the Super-G Silver and Downhill. The French-born Alexis Pinturault is among the world's largest in the world, who won the spectacular man of Stefan Hadalin from Sophia.

Here is the result in the revision

Having access to & # 39; leaving it had been great for black. He was ahead of his two heat-resistants, Alexis Pinturault and Victor Muffat-Jeandet. But Pinturault clearly has a quicker look at the # 39; course – set by his own trainer – and take gold.

There were 0.46 seconds lost at the end of gold, 0.22 on money. Wengen's winner did not prefer to give him an end after he had gone on slalom. But as the route grew worse and worse, there was still a happy date for Black, who was on the 21st place in the & # 39; 1.25 seconds behind Championik World Champion Dominik Paris of South Tyrol and then slalom is the fourth best place to reach.

"I was very frightened, I felt like I did at the Olympics, where I came in the fourth place, the line has declined, but I am happy about about the bronze medal, "Schwarz's first impression in the ORF's bronze interview, but also added that he would have been" more able ".

Kriechmayr is sorry for Black

For the other three ÖSV partners nothing was available. Daniel Danklmaier became the best partner in the ÖSV in the second half. Romed Baumann 14th, Kriechmayr, concluded. "It was difficult, very hard, that the course had grown up to a degree, indeed, and as soon as Mauro (Caviezel in the seventh, note) showing his highest case for a rider down Baumann.

Kriechmayr, a quarter after his descendants, was worried that he was not enough to win Schwarz. "I already had the bill, it's getting gold," said Upper Austria, who had a short slalom course about 39 seconds "a little heavier than expected". "I did the best thing, but that was not good enough, the route has grown slightly, but it was still capable of real achievement."

Pinturault won his first gold medal at his & # 39; World Cup is despite the wound of a lamb that was held in the final. "It was a bit difficult, I could not even walk properly," said the 27-year Olympic silver medal at the end. "But things have been a lot better on tricks, and tomorrow we will check what's going on." Hadalin, who has ever been in the World Cup ever better than Achter (Saalbach-Slalom on 20 December, 2018), Speaking of "great feeling" after their financial benefit. The 23-year-old was using its single-race race number with the most formal lap time.

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