Marcus Stroman says he wants to expand with Blue Jays but has been offered & nothing & # 39;


When Marcus Stroman chooses to speak, he wants to listen.

The 27-year-old age rarely opts to speak to the media, but only shortly after the start, and so when he wants to talk about it as a result of & # 39; Something is said.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Sunday, when Stroman was involved in It lasted more than 20 minutes, it was obvious that a message he was trying to put. He made a number of interesting ideas, but perhaps the most important of them (with's Gregor Chisholm). "data-reactid =" 24 "> On Sundays, when Stroman was involved in scrum for more than 20 minutes, it was obvious that a message he was trying to put. He made a number of interesting ideas, but it was important that everything (according to's Gregor Chisholm).

I've been waiting to go to # 39; long term contract signing, it was not offered to me. There are no people who enter Toronto's big city than me and you do not. Finding people who are coming in and want to launch the city of Toronto …

Now it's Stroman who is creating a big city in Toronto than anyone else is definitely responsible for debate, but has been involved in many quarters and tried to connect to the fan center.

It is more suited to saying that he wants to be in Toronto on a long-term contract and is not offered to him. These types of ideas are often designed to win the PR battle before they leave a free group. So you can have the high moral ground with fans by inviting you to stay, but there was no offer. This is not an example of that.

Stroman's two travels are free from a free agency and so it would be very early to try to get out. Its word is more reasonable to be taken and its acceptance is that it is very reasonable to say. lobbying for expansion and trying to use public weight to achieve that goal. Due to the proactive market situation in the recent seasons, expansion with the Blue Jays could be a stunning view of Stroman than it was like in recent years.

Usually if a team is trying to expand one of their young players, they will do so when they leave control of three or four years; left until they still get some help and the player has not made a lot of money yet – a & # 39; provides a valuable offer of valuable bargains for security for life.

Stroman has already earned around $ 13.1 million and its $ 7.4 million is set to its coffins for this season, but the security offer does not do so much. He would have to make a contract close to easeous value because he would sold just one year (2020) which could be very expensive and everything else would be the voluntary buildings. It is difficult for a team that finds terms that work for them on that type of expansion.

If the Blue Jays were great to lock Stromes, they may have been trying two years ago. After the 2016 season when he had just had an unusual ERA but hard peripherals that were faced with the face of four intersecting years would have been a very good time.

Stroman is a brilliant feature, it is a priority, the Blue Jays must wait, and says he wants to be in Toronto. However, it would take a big money bag to lock now that it is near the free agency and is not free. gives MO cash sacks to this front office.

The most likely situation in Stroman is to be at # 39; move at the date of 2019 or perhaps the re-indexist depending on how well what it's going to be on. Blue Jays prefer to rehabilitate Stroman than having a expensive contract, make some sense – be fair. In fact, just making sense if the money is saved will then be re-entered to the agenda elsewhere, but that's a matter for another day.

If there is anything, Stoman's comments make it clear that he and the Blue Jays face office want different things at the moment. There is a gap between those who look hard on a bridge, work that has not been made easier by the state of their relationship, one that was not much better on Sunday:

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