Marek Viedenský finished his work at HC Oceláři Třinec


Additional support to Slovan has been approved by its & # 39; club to terminate early cooperation.

21. November 2018 at 16:17 SITA

TŘINEC. The Slovak hockey player Marek Viedenský is no longer a player of the Japanese non-league team HC Oceláři Třinec. The club has agreed to complete joint cooperation.

This is due to continuing health problems. For SITA, the 28-year-old terrain said it.

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Unfamiliar diversity

"The injuries have been long-lasting, even with a magnetic repositioning point, it is made, as well as the revival from one wound, The other happened. I did not want to get the club to the games, I want to get 100% off.


"I've been waiting for about eight weeks, waiting for about six more."


Marek Viedenský

That's why we will properly agree to protect our covenant, "said Handl.

He did not want to make a special injury, he did not know the specific healing time. "I need to compile it first, I wait for more exams, I believe it will make progress as soon as possible, and I'm trying to re- animate and see how it will develop.

Any doctor told me that the revival would last three weeks, after six or eight weeks. I've been waiting for almost eight weeks, waiting for me about six, "said Vienna.

He looks for a new job until he drinks

A third-world champions came to Třinec in the summer after three quarters in Slovan Bratislava, where KHL was among the support of his team. The second current team of the Czech Extraliga (the score on the back of Libercom) did not play only four games between the unit with point records.

"The first was challenging, I started to get in, I played with the team, and the stomach that prevented me from coming, it was difficult to evaluate, I was happy with the hurt when the injuries were, everything was high, "he said.

The new club does not look for it, a & # 39; The first thing is best to get rid of one hundred percent health problems. "When I'm right, the doctors will let me start and see it, we'll start looking for another agent," said SITA to Marek Viedensky.

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