María Čírová singles The perfect world, the video has a strong and worrying situation


is4a6204 676x451 BRATISLAVA, November 20 ( – Slovakian singer Mária Čírová is today, on her 30th birthday, a new one The perfect world with video cuts.

The song she is released on her other studio # 2017 is part of the song by the author of Mišo Biely – Samuel Kovács, also signed under the singing of Unikát singing (2016).

The text of the song has an important message. "They talk about how the time is coming, and we should not forget about it. I think it's a good idea to go ahead to you. Then nobody of life is never alone, " explained the iconic clear text of the song.

She invited Maria Kráľovičová to video

When the singer, along with his creative team, led by director Jakub Gulyas, thinking about how to show up this life message, she decided to invite the People of Salvation People, Maria Kráľovičová, who is also a symbolize the words she made.

"Ms. Kráľovičová is just an inspiration for me. She welcomes me while she lived during her life, her life is rich and full of experiences. , full of beautiful events, this is the perfect world, and after that every one of us wants to go inside. It is a great honor to me that Ms Kráľovičová has accepted her & # 39 I was inviting. Both of us enjoyed it. I do not always forget the time to tell Ms Kráľovičová the horse on the sea Sládkovič, " She remembered Čírová for shooting.

There is no life in the shape of a horse

Video-video with a magic stupid fan can show life; traveled three generations with María Čírová, his daughter Zoe and Maria Kráľovičová. Life is not known in the work of a horse, and the observer, through the interaction of individual characters, can look at the person who looks like the person; develop and change his ideas about life.

An extraordinary video clip was created at land in Miloslavov near Bratislava, where the singer goes on and the main role the horse will play. regularly use their training. So, an important leader during the shooting of Peter Andy Hric, a coach of Mary who led the horse to work with the actors and the director and not to lose it.

Cooperation with Ben Cristo

As the singer also saw, the video "The Perfect World" was due to be released long ago, it was killed last summer. However, it has come to the conclusion of many of the new record publications, as well as cooperating with Ben Cristo, so he decided to put off the film and leave a gift birthplace.

"Everything is right. The link to the video is very similar to my current private and business jubilee, and it's also brilliant for winter winter conditions," Čírová will add, who met fans and fans in the 24th of November on Bratislava, Incheb, where they both celebrate 30 years. ages and ten years on music.

Her band, string orchestra, choir, singer and singer with the Trnavčanka speech. Together, there are up to 40 musicians in the program. The concert will be divided into three subject areas – people, gospel and pop, who describe the role of the singer.

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