Maria Čírová spoke about the most difficult moments of my position!


"I've been on the scene for ten years and it's brilliant. Fans who are standing with me that follow me and do not lie to me for hair or styling shots, those who see them as a person -ciùil, I value me, " she said in an interview.

In her professional life, a young practitioner has learned not only a premier figure, but has become a heaviest crowd. "In my opinion it was in 2016, when my life was in a variety of the possible sinusoids, and I thought a lot about my life and my life. I went through that school, and this appeared in the songs I wrote. I'm very rare. I discovered what everyone needs to go in to make a song that encourages someone else and find out that those people are not their own part in their own world " identified.

"Many of my fans share my feelings with me, they feel I understand that I am one of them, a normal, normal child. I do not have to to play that I have eaten the wisdom of the world, I live as a normal life with everything that belongs to it. Millions of times I'm really impressive about the responsibilities of All I have, but I try to find an active balance between family, friends and work, " she came to Čírová.

"Finally, a man would also like to go far from everything, but where? In my opinion, this balance must be found here and now, in this challenging world. to see me about how young people fall as crèche, they are horrified, and I feel that my desire is to get on back to their songs. That's why I enjoy enjoying all of my public shows that I can completely shut up and regenerate in two hours time, " the singer said.

This is one of the reasons why Číra has decided to mark her birthday and her. celebrated by fans for decades on the music. "I'm happy to be able to give them a piece, just in the middle of a special 3 & 1 concert in Bratislava, Incheb," an interpreter who provided a sub-division commented on a special event, from the songs she started with what she's doing today. A band, string orchestra, choir, singer, and musicians will be brought to it. Together, there are up to 40 players on podium.

"Each theme part will focus on another step in my life and role. We will start with folk music, move to the gospel and we will add to pop time," the singer, who will be added to the Fidlikanti native group in its opening part; concert.

In addition, Ciro for their fans is also surprised to prepare a special birthday. At the 30th date, it will respond to 30 questions from the fans in the videos prepared. "It's just a special night we've been working all year round," Young Trnavčanka, who also video video on the song The Perfect World, which was released on her. studio platform # 2017 (2017).

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