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Maria da Penha: bourgerer of the house, garlic poró, muzzarela, bacon and purpaidh. In the menu, PURPLE purple colors stood out, not to # 39; affect the reference. Kau Hamburgueria, which is in Salto, within São Paulo, has a decision against women's resistance to me, please her. The menu on the internet, along with a row, criticizes the name unfortunately.

Although he is not willing to go back to the joke, the station owner André Buzzo, renamed the "Censored" restaurant on Monday 26th.

But the "joke" still provoked anger among those who think that there is no violence against a funny woman. Following new complaints in dining social networks, Buzzo replaced his hamburger's name, which happened as a "Snack with Cabb".

After the two attempts failed to name a meal, André Buzzo decided to make the mistake and said he did not agree to any type of violence. "We understand our misunderstanding about the choice of the name and we are very much committed to complaining about the event," he said in a statement. "We made such a mistake. We are really relaxing for the event."

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Error that is no longer aware

On average, there are 503 women physically hit each time in Brazil, according to Datafolha data. Over half (52%) are quiet, instead of seeking help, for known reasons (confidentiality, policing outside, fear of the invasion …). However, in the short summary of this note reading, eight other women were taken in some corner.

In effect from 2006, Maria da Penha's law was lawful for her; The first strong task of the country, within a range of Justice, in the fight against women's violence. The second is the Law of Feminicide, which was promoted by the former President Dilma Rousseff in March 2015 – who will Judgment of murders that include being a woman; in the victim.

He can not even & # 39; It's been about turning violence to joke even it. Confirming those, which are still the most common, and # 39; Encouraging but more victims of violence closure.

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