María Eugenia Vidal does not follow Patricia Bullrich's protocol but he & she; denies Elisa Carrió's complaints – 06/12/2018


Transaction of the regulator María Eugenia Vidal in the open debate on Changing after a new protocol for security forces prepared by Minister Patricia Bullrich. Providing a distance from both these types and Lilita Carrio's cases, identifying "inside democracy" within the regulatory partnership.

"I do not agree with Lilita Carrió"Vidal said about criticizing her new protocol, and at the same time, she found a way to prove the accidents' proofing side within Cambiemos:" I am celebrating democracy within which the President is a permitting a political place, "he said.

Vidal meant that the acceptance of the & # 39; protocol in his area: "In the case of the Buenos Aires department we already have a law, in force since 2006, which clearly explains how the police should act in the use of a firearm, Ruled very similar to what Bullrich has just done. "

In any case, the government declares a common agreement in the Agreement; In this case: "Minister Bullrich, president (Mauricio Macri), minister (Cristian) Ritondo, accepts him as a team we need to bring all the tools to the police to implement the law"

On the anti-security conflict in the department, Vidal said: "The number of complaints fell by 60%, we do not want to hide anything, when we arrived there were unidentified police officers; burn or never miss it. That's a bad job, it's too give a clear message to the person who works well"

Vidal was to tune the controversy. Carrió "also give his / her opinion," he said. And how well you can tell Macri that is not different, even face to face. "A person who is easy to get in to the President, if Carrió wants to talk to him, he has to call him, he will always open his agenda to get in touch, "said the government.

"Let's down, in the values, the President and I always agree, I have been working with him for 16 years," Vidal concluded, after he was convinced that she will not be a candidate for president.

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