María Eugenia Vidal: "Today all the options on their election calendar are open"


The government will accept differences within the Father, but to maintains that "silence" is worse; Recognizes that other options are evaluated for a & # 39; compete with punishments Belief: Santiago Filipuzzi

After a week in which Buenos Aires's mainstream capacity was able to bring forward its elections a good part of the political debate, the ruler

María Eugenia Vidal

try to solve the problem a bit. But, in an interview with
THE NATION agree that "all the options are today

election calendar

they are open "and have been debated in the majority and in the" Nation. " She says that this will be explained in the first quarter of 2019, along with the other candidates, including, except Mauricio Macri, who needs "re-election"

Its president prefers to be included in the management, for example, in the discussions for the department's budget, Take steps to establish the situation of Buenos Aires that could impact on the economic crisis or be able to agree on salary with teachers. Despite the important situation, it is quiet. "The problems give me confidence," he said in a speech at the Ferroviario Museum, where he has one of his offices in the city of Buenos Aires.

It does not provide its & # 39; election question and maintenance that everything in 2019 will be reduced to a dispute between "those who managed until 2015" and

Let's change

"Among those who tell straightforward facts and those who are ruled by the truth, between those who start and finalize jobs and fight against drug trafficking, rather than divide their business, "it appears. Route has been confirmed that it will not be the economy that will decide the president's elections and the governor in Buenos Aires. He admits differences and conversations in Change, but reduces them.

-We will start with the statements you've just done: promoting Christmas bonus and bonus payments to

office deputies

. Why can a major division be made and that the Nation is not there?

-We get paid
A bonus of $ 3500 for pensioners and pensioners who earn less than $ 10,000, and # 39; Payments of 50% pay on food and now on Christmas products paid by Banco Provincia cards, as well as consolidating social, so that social programs are higher than inflation. We will also increase food delivery by the end of the year

Source: THE NATION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

-This is to bring out the Nation. Looking at a difference?

-This is spoken to the national government. The difference is that the number of post-dealers in the & # 39; The lower proportion is lower and the smallest of the lower divisions. They also made a Christmas bonus and fortified social games.

– How will the department's accounts be closed in 2018, since the change of expectations is expected in 2019?

-This year we have been obliging to comply with the law of a frank obligation, we will have supported the work, Include to maintain their work, but to & # 39; maintain the work involved in each one. In addition, we will reduce tax as the total revenue is reduced in the budget

– In any case, he has received complaints about the increase in property taxes, especially in the agricultural sector.

-This will do this with a policy about issuing more taxes to the estate and not just what it is; do. When you pay someone to pay for what you are doing, you are doing it; stop them from creating work and we want to do more and more work. And increasing properties set up in line with expected annual inflation. In addition to this, this year and previous years, the tax increase was translated into jobs, both inside and abroad. Work that was waiting for 30 or 40 years. 1800 work has begun and is completed in our management.

Source: THE NATION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

– In the case of a national budget, to achieve nil loss, b & # 39; The ugly palace was a large department of Buenos Aires for the benefit of the PJ's people managed. Is it a cost to be an officer?

-The major Buenos Aires and Nation department were those who made the biggest effort. The other areas came out with neutral equation or equity. It is the result of the request of the Peoria regulators: the department of Buenos Aires should be lost. But with this recommendation it will not harm Macri no Vidal, but Buenos Aires, which is 16 million Argentineans.

What do you say to the people of Buenos Aires, who say: "Those who contribute to most of the national GDP, and those who get the least equal "?

– We will continue to do what we have done already, like to # 39; Going to Justice to restore the Conurbano Fund, compared to the previous regime's illness. And with the support of the President we got £ 65,000 million back. Now we want to upgrade more than $ 19,000 million.

– The President and his / her rest of the people who did; negotiate with the departments enough to make the transition more fairer?

– I have no doubt the dedication and good faith of those who made the resolution. The national budget is the result of the number of votes in the Congress and never had a majority of us ever. In order to obtain the votes they had to sit down with the rulers and leaders of the challenge, including leaders of Buenosairean who did not protect the area.

-But Buenos Aires people can think they have dropped into "maurism" in a detrimental effect on them?

– If there was something clear in these years, there is no one in Cambiemos who is coming to a decision and the other people are in a position; praising Casa Rosada. Everyone has the potential to consider, build differences and reach agreements. And the people of Buenos Aires know that I have been defending them over these years and I will continue to do it. In addition, I would have achieved the commitment that I did with them and that no other government did: that was not the candidate for a president next year.

Source: THE NATION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

– Because he does not want to be or because Macri does not let alone himself?

I do not want it. And I'll surrender so that Buenos Aires's division will not be replaced instead to come in to find the votes and to the politicians who will forget them when they go; ruled. In addition, Mauricio must be re-elected.

– Request your next election?

-Nothing to do with the other. It is the most important claim in Mauricio and is already defined. Remainder of the candidates select and exit; election calendar was debated for next year. Today's record is not the people or the mine.

– Are you going to take forward a Buenosairean selection?

-There are all options to open and accessible election calendar, but it is not yet time to talk to them. Today my energy is going with people in the & # 39; this difficult moment.

– How are the relationships within their partnership? The UCR raised anger sharply, there were objections

Elisa Carrió

and you are saying yourself and

Rodriguez Larreta

they have differences



-When we changed we started with Mauricio, Carrió and

Ernesto Sanz

no one believed that we would come together to the 2015 election, and then nobody was there; We believe we would win, no one believed we were; going to rule and three years ago we manage together. For me, if there is something that sucks me, everything that is done can be done; happening in Cambiemos publicly. The UCR can make the statement publicly, that Lilita can say what she says and that I can express my differences to talk about a political place where there is no director authoritative, who is challenge you and who has exposed the truth. We are a group of different people, with different history and origins, and do not always agree. We would worry about the quietness of being able to; worried.

-For the impact of her; there

economic crisis

in the election situation?

-That going to & # 39; discusses deeply what Argentina wants: without lying, without signs, without


inside our houses, without a gambling devolution, with


beginning and end, with a difficult economic route, but that allows us to go, Leave a 70-year emergency case or if we want to go back to the time.

-Tha "frauds, drug traffickers in our houses, jobs that do not complete" a & # 39; refers to the rest of the face and we only change it; mean "truth, finish the jobs and leave behind 70 years"?

-Tha now, the truth indicates that the choice will be between those who were in the process; rule until 2015 with us.

Source: THE NATION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

-This affirms its & # 39; We think that Cambiemos is trying to polarize with Cristina Kirchner.

-The people are always at power. The politicians who did not understand that and believe people are decide what they say to the media or who knows who, they would stay in the past.

-You have a close relationship with the Church, but this year there were a few months ago with the link to the # 39; a regulatory party.

– Beyond my faith, my connection with the Catholic Church, such as ecclesiastical churches or social leaders, must be related to the poorest and then we are together. Then, the ideas of one or the other bishop are specific ideas.

-The final document of the Bishop is very important.

– I read it and I believe that the Church is where it must be, which belongs to those who are in the world. biggest suffering. Then political explanations are made. I remember the Church; Explain documents when there were other governments on social conditions, pollution, drug trafficking. And it's fine

-When you see the Church with leaders who have been opposed to corruption, what is it creating?

-Tha when I have difficulty understanding and I do not share it. Fortunately, after all these directors had been allotted there was clarity and excuse from Monsignor Radrizzani. That's an important thing.

-The Church and the Pope especially look different from Vidal na Macri?

– I never did a political need of the Pope or the Church. Yes, I have a strong connection and personal respect before being my father.

-For the challenge they are trying to do & # 39; control of regional justice?

-This legal review as it has not been done so far. There is a series of laws that have made much progress as a result of the support of a large part of the opposition. On the other hand, in these three years the Masters Council and jury worked the department's complaint. Amazingly, in eight years of the previous government, there was no one to resign his judge, except for poor governance in the case of a mischievous boy. In these three years, judges would be involved in cases of drug, corruption, bribe, gambling, retiring? In good time, judges, police, gang leaders are imprisoned. And, nationally, political prisoners.

– At national level there are political prisoners, but that does not happen in the # 39; continent. Why?

– Perhaps the reasons were not enough enough, but today in the # 39; Judicial power there are no apologies or obstacles so that they do not work. You need all your independence. We do not get involved so as not to have a politician imprisoned because it does not. answer, but all the soldiers are free.

– How does it affect the judges who are going to? Check out the old Scioli ruler, when Macri gets it when the case goes to the face?

– He does not have any effect. My mission is for the judges for independence.

-The opinion polls show that evolution is better designed than the President.

-I have watched poles for months [risas]. The President and I are part of the same team and we will, so far, we do not see the issues in the same way and it is healthy that this is true. We share the same values. In these three years he has always been with me. And we'll talk almost every day.

– Do you want time to be a ruler?

– I want to finish this order well, people say that the government was near this time and something has changed for the better than their neighborhood, in their environment. Then it will be seen.

– That means it's not clear if you want to continue?

-That does not mean that time is not; still there.

The budget, Massa and the teachers, are the challenges ahead

Two challenges María Eugenia Vidal has been waiting for you to close this year:

agreement from the department's budget

and try to make arrangements

conflict with teachers

, which produced an historic calendar of days without classes this year. In order to achieve the two goals you need to deal with tough figures:

Sergio Massa

and the merger of teachers.

Unlike Macri, Vidal has created an unequivocal relationship with Massa. It's not the case of the leader of the teachers,

Robert Baradel

. That's why Vidal is likely to agree again with the Tigrense and that their legislators are voted to get a budget. On the other hand, the subject of teachers is harder.

-The fastest goal you have is to control the department's budget. It was rejected from the forehead to transfer to the towns some of the expenses that the Nation moved. How are the discussions?

– In the years of 2015 we have been approved by talking to all the political forces because we do not have a majority in representatives. In the last three years we have reduced $ 20,000 million in unnecessary costs, from cars, cell phones, paper to political positions ranging from over 1100 to 700. It is the savings that need to make money where people need it. This year we want to allow for a loan to pay debts the contract has been paid, not a new debt. We will reduce tax. An attempt is made by our province and we also want the cities, who have found a partnership as never before. It was lost with this property. But it was won by its underground property that is larger than its; I'm a property. Most of the towns will ends this year with over. We have given a very reasonable budget that I'm going to think about; talk to each department.

Over the years, Massa has a better relationship and its strength Macri has at a national level. Massa is responsible for the department and not for the Nation?

-Bha, not only have we spoken and agreed with Massa. Also with Martín Insaurralde (Unidad Ciudadana, Lomas de Zamora) by Gabriel Katopodis (PJ San Martín), by Juan Pablo de Jesús (UC, Costa de la Costa). Out of 135 towns, I have good connections with almost everyone, but only three or four. In Nation, a year-on-year budget was very tough. Most of the political leaders, the rulers, committed to social peace. There are differences, but that does not mean we can not agree on fundamental elements.

– You're not Massa "ventajita", how did Macri give her?

-O, what question? For me, Sergio is a part of the face. I do not share its view of a country, or the mainland, but I have reached agreements, as well as the Directors of the Forward for Victory. I do not often share what it is & nbsp; doing and saying. And I think it's wrong with the national government. I hope that your block will add to this budget due to a question of duty. You can not leave the department without budget. You need to pay staff, practitioners to support hospitals, social programs …

-Last year there were 29 days of unemployment, which is an historical record, and the decision has not been closed …

-This is the struggle we are not seeking, and we want to sort out. We will call the guilds again by the end of the year. It is difficult to understand when there are stops against the IMF, in close contact with Moyano or other organizations, when that means that millions of children do not have classes. In the last ten years there were more than 120 days of unemployment in the province. And the boys did not learn more or the teachers are better. That's not the way.

-I'll stop it without being & # 39; make more effort with teachers and public health because they do not; Most Cambiemos electors use the school or public hospitals.

– I'm angry that they say that. I am managing for everyone. There are 10 million residents in Buenos Aires now having an ambulance and before they can die without anyone coming up, there are half-of-the-art new emergency rooms, there are 80 rooms new primary care and over 200 by 2019. Today there are 450,000 adults completing primary and secondary schools, and when I arrived there were 150,000. Today's health and education in the continent is not provide accurate information.

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