Marina showed £ uczenko a picture from his youth. "What angel!" They also noticed how similar the famous actor was


Marina £ uczenko and Wojciech Szczêsny in July this year parents for her & first time. Liam, a son of a couple, is the eye in the head of his parents. Until now, the artist or the player is not seen on the face of the child. In Marina Pictures, there have been allegations about why she did not do so far.

The child's singer does not appear, but she is willing to make her pictures. For a long time ago, it has been influenced by a wild image after being heavy. And now … a picture from his youth.

Marina £ uczenko when he was young

12 year old year. Poznaliby¶cie? # tb2001 #tb #minime #babyface – write £ uczenko in the description.

There was no lack of interest in the ideas.

Nothing has changed. It is still so beautiful and rich – we read.

You were always beautiful. Now, it is a reason to choose a style of hair and ready to put pressure on it; natural beauty.

Almost nothing has changed.

The best proof of any job loss if someone is surrendering to you. You were beautiful and you are.

I see you have not changed. You are still beautiful.

I remember you from the "The Road to the Stars" exhibition.

Some were also aware of the likelihood of Natalie Portman.

Just like Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman 100%!

Hmmm … it is impossible to disagree them. Indeed, there's something!


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