Mario Salas, the technician who destroys Colo Colo


Ann Colo Colo is now thinking about the name that is in its name; managing the albums at the next 2019 season, and this Monday was the same Aníbal Mosa who gave Mario Salas like that coach more to attract in & # 39; white shop.

An director of Black and White He said that the strategist of Sporting Cristal is to meet the conditions they are experiencing; looking for the image of people who access the idea of ​​the case.

"The technology we need to find innovative ideology and its important leadership capability is to guide a color studio such as Colo Colo. He also knows his previous work, and has led a big team, "said Mosa.

For its part, club leader Gabriel Ruiz Tagle He did not want to explain his object, he did not make it clear Each director will give ideas and candidates for the success of Héctor Tapia.

From Spòrs Sport they set the situation on the possible impact for Colo Colo, where his headteacher Federico Cuneo says they will not let the "headteacher" leave if there is no offer from the Silein National Team.

If there is no agreement with Salas, and thereafter Diego Cocca's favorite choice, other names that attract attention to Macul are those of technology of Universidad de Concepción Francisco Bozan no Santiago Wanderers, Miguel Ramírez.

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