Mark Jacobs is trying to restrict copyright rights from Nirvana Music


Lawyers for fashion designer Marc Jacobs have moved in for the legal action brought against him by an estate belonging to Nirvana band, who is braking his way through the breaking of law. writing.

The photographer's Grunge Redux collection contains a “smile face” exhibition very similar to that of Nirvana as their shield, along with the word “Heaven” printed in the print. special serif that used the band. The legal case, put in early January, argues that Jacobs used “legitimate Nirvana handwriting by developing its goods” in a “violent, deceitful and discouraging” way. ”. He argued for want of money and that all the clothes would be removed from sale.

Jacobs' move to redundancy acknowledges that the designs have been inspired by Nirvana concert rehearsals since the 1990s, but they argue that Jacobs have designed the designs to weave back into his life. T [a Marc Jacobs] the logo that is in a common image ”.

The movement focuses on techniques: while Nirvana reserves the right to similar artworks, it's for a Full design with a smiley face, a word Nirvana, and the words flower sniffin. kitty pettin kissin rock rock whores ”written on the reverse. By instead of crosses against the beautiful front for the letters with letters M and J, and Nirvana with Heaven, Jacobs' move argues that the design doesn't infringe into copyright. it is not a valid copy of copyright-reserved Nirvana design.

The movement also claims that Nirvana's estate may not have been too late, written by a king Kurt Cobain before his death in 1994. He says that there is no explanation, or even Unaccompanied supports, legal or Mr Cobain exercised his rights. entered the X-Eye Smiley Face with the registered copyright author / advocate ”. He argues that other references to Nirvana songs made on the Marc Jacobs website – and which are incorporated in the law – are like 'red shields… not connected to anyone who lives t copyright claims that they are ”, and says Jacobs has used a long time to use face-to-face drawings in his work.

Courtney Love, Cobain's widow, and daughter Frances Bean Cobain are on display in advertising for Marc Jacobs. The Nirvana estate which is making its complaint is owned by the couple and previous members Dave Davehl and Krist Novoselic. The estate has not mentioned the move to move.

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