Mark the festive season of the year with a special thanksgiving program from Kia Vietnam


One year of corporate vehicle insurance

The insurance package is very useful for using its & # 39; car not only helps car owners more psychotherapy, but also to ensure that the loss and unnecessary risks are avoided in the process of using a & # 39 ; car. South Westerly

So, when customers purchase contracts for cars, Morning, Optima, Rondo, Sorento will be in November / 1818 and, get a year from a corporate insurance car group.

Offers a high cruise camera camera when it comes to the new Kia Sedona

Fees that Kia Sedona are receiving a new camera camera, and a # 39; Supporting family-friendly travel, relatives and friends.

We know that nearly 200 users have chosen and decided that Kia Sedona himself will be a new, comfortable, comfortable week that was launched between October 13 and October 20 1818 in the room- exhibitor and official merchant of Kia Vietnam.

The new 7-storey Kia Sedona has drawn up and received many of the feedback from vehicle experts, journalists, customers with over 3000 attendees and nearly 1,000 users of Kia Sedona. South Westerly

The new Sedona Kia is currently being exhibited at the Kia and Network Network Exhibition Room. Since the launch of the Vietnam Kia sedan, over 300 vehicles were bought and delivered in October. This figure also features the highest level of Kia Sedona in the department. Large 7-seat car today.

List of Kia prices in November 2018

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