Mark Zuckerberg was asked to give evidence in many international countries


Brazil, Latvia and Singapore are the three most recent countries asking Facebook Heads to address issues that relate to social networking information.

Theo Keeperfive other countries, including Australia, Argentina, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada, have asked the Facebook leader to give evidence.

The United States will send representatives to London on November 27 for Mark Zuckerberg's hearing to explain the difficulties associated with the misleading information of the social network.

"There are important issues to be discussed and the right person is the answer," said Damian Collins, chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee of the UK to Zuckerberg.

Previously, answer New York Times, Collins decided on Facebook to "delete, deny and disable" negative stories. He also questioned the breakdown of consumer data.

Under the umbrella of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook's head has not just appeared before the US Parliaments and the European Parliaments. Zuckerberg has been rejecting requests for hearings from other countries, including the British and Canadian parliaments.

By adding three new nations, especially Brazil with a population of 209 million, the eight nations now have a population of 389 million, higher than the US population (326 million) .

According to experts, this will be a cause to emphasize Zuckerberg to answer the question of those governments. Facebook has not yet released any comments.

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