Market law in Kharkov: whether behavior and movement will be applied


The questions about the military law in Kharkov, which belong to the citizens, were answered by information in the HOGA. Departments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been translated into war, police, and the Security Service of Ukraine working in a better way. Kharkiv residents are being asked not to believe the truths and not to; worried.

Read also what the law enforcement law in the Kharkiv section means (updated)

Will a curfew in Kharkov?

No, the steam in Kharkiv will not be demolished (however, as long as there is no attack on a part of the Russian Federation), but that security is fortified.

"The police have been moved to a definite turnover of the service. Citizens have no obstacles to everyday activities, games are strengthened, road safety has been strengthened, the number of visitors has risen at the routes and out, but there are no obstacles to citizen from the police, and continue to attend the population ", – said Sergey Chizh, Deputy Head of National Academy State Administration of the Ukraine Sciences in the Kharkiv area.

"Everything of the essential infrastructure is called closer and responsive protection. First, transportation, metro, armor facilities, utensils, energy initiatives, initiatives that will be delivered to Kharkov with water. good defensive, "said the advisor head HOGA. law enforcement cases Sergey Storozhenko.

Should I wait for a move in Kharkov?

The military registration and registration offices work in a planned way, training fees are not currently held, they do not have to attend the service, sms wants to come to military registration and office registry – fake.

"I want you to go out on different ideas. You will not go home, take hold of someone and take them to a registration and election office. In our area, the call is almost complete. deciding on whole or part of the move, the necessary abilities ", – said Storozhenko.

It is not necessary to carry a passport or military ID. The order that does not exceed its & # 39; border (including Russian Federation) is changing.

Video: UA: Kharkiv

Vgorode support

On November 25, at 6m, Ukraine left Yany Kapu, along with Berdyansk and Nikopol, the Odessa port, and went to Mariupol. At 06:34, the Russian border service boats and the Black Sea Fleet "Suzdalets" boat moved to the Ukrainians. At 13: 05, the Russian Ka-52 invasion helicopters and the Su-25 invasion were introduced into the attack, and a Don Knap protection defensive ship was brought to the Ukrainian. November 26, 2018, Rada Verkhovna agreed the presidential order on the introduction of military law in some areas of Ukraine, including Kharkov. Bank office details how the stations, the airports and the banks will work when the law of law is introduced in Kharkov and will be New Year's & # 39 ; New offset due to the VP.

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