Markle's megans to "unhelpful university programs" are controversial


The Duchess of Sussex have been studying black students and a UK professor to "unbalance university programs" due to racially ill-treated racial equality of staff " ", recites The Daily Mail. Internet users interact strongly with a & # 39; Encourage the royal family without participating in politics.

Meghan Markle supports four groups, according to Kensington Palace: Royal National Theater, Universities Association; Commonwealth, Mayhew Life Home and Smart Works. They were chosen as "reasons and problems [Meghan] has been associated for a long time.

Then, The Duchess Sussex supported the initiative led by a black professor and students to "unbalance university programs" in the UK, reporting The Daily Mail.

The move attempts to "address the legacies of the Empire" by a "white, blue" professor to ensure diversity in academy.

According to British media statements, when the wife of Prince Harry saw a statistical report, she said, "Oh, my God!"

"It was surprised greatly," she said, "oh, my god, indeed, we have to get a picture of it," said Rachel Cowan, a ministry worker and a woman at Manchester University.

For example, in 2018, according to data from a statistical report on higher education staff, of 14,205 male teachers, there were more than 12,000 Caucasian and only 90 black.

Many social network users stated that Markle had come into politics and suggested that royal family members should avoid political activity:

I do not say that there is an inappropriate difference in the form of many of our universities, but Meghan, to keep you out of politics.

If so, I understand that the British royal family does not understand it; live long. They should not participate in politics to avoid cultural warfare.

The royal family should not go on to any political business … dangerous

Some believe that people should be recruited according to their. benefit despite sexuality, sexuality or sexual orientation:

Why would they get jobs at universities just because they are black? They should be recruited if they are the most appropriate candidates for professional careers and professional backgrounds and not due to skin color.

Because of God, stop this amazing idea. Recruits according to merits merit, are black, white, yellow, gay, heterosexual … MM and those who think of how she & she; digging a gap and creating distortion.

This is a & # 39; The first political campaign of The Duchess of Sussex who supported Cecil Rhodes's campaign to remove UK habitats. Cecil Rhodes was a politician, a transcript writer in England and founded a university scholarship for the students who preferred them.

During his visit to the University of London at the end of January, Markle encouraged students to "open up a conversation" about "deleting university programs" to avoiding "to continue to do as it was before" because "this approach can sometimes disappear and must be updated".

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