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Flue January 2019: marks, high and rehearsal. How long

The symbols affect the January 2019, which are

2019 reaching and for many of the effects that come into existence; However, there is no reason for a riot. In fact, despite one not current mental illness, often just a bit of relaxation and the proper dose of remedies to overcome the problem without a problem.

Flu in January 2019: badly known

New season is not expected for season; In practice, the size of the disease should not exceed the installation range (although last year was one of the "worst" in the last 15 years). Indeed, two of the 4 virus types know that the largest number of diseases already has been in the last year's vaccines cover; the two "novels", on the other hand, are the basis for the quadrivalent vaccines that are already available.

In general, flu is caused by it Orthomixovirus; symptoms of high fever, muscle and joint pain, rhinosea (runny nose), sore throat and various respiratory problems as well as awareness of behavior. In most cases, he cures completely within the week, maybe it takes a little longer to whiten his leg completely and eliminate the uncomfortable feelings.

Swine January 2019: one million Italians met

At the beginning of a spinal season around one million Italians had already influenced; The shift is likely to be the same line last year, and so it seems that there is an emergency tension around second or third week of January. At the end, the Institute's strategies for the epidemiological examination of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità report that they In every 5 million Italians there is disease.

Rèis was in a great position for vaccines even though you had to run for long front cover. The administration of a flu vaccine is always useful, experts say that, although you are not able to be safe near, New Year's Eve when the stage starts up.



Last modified: Tuesday, 29 January 2019

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