Marlboro came into the pharmacy and recreational market


One of the largest tobacco companies in the world has entered the cannabis market with an investment of 1.8 billion dollars in Cronos Group, Canadian medical and leisure marijuana company.

Altria, who makes Marlboro's cigarettes, has a & # 39; Getting a 45% stake in Cronos, his company said Friday. Toronto.

He also said it was a tobacco company Richmond, Virginia, others pay 1,400 million of dollars to make sure Altria would do most of them, if used, to do 55% of the building.

That would mean that Altria's investment would be the same as the $ 4 billion that was spent earlier this year with Constellation Brands to obtain extracts from Altria. Canopy Growth Corp, a Canadian delegation of marijuana in Canada.

The money made in August with Constellation, which makes Corona and other drinks, is the largest to date with the leading corporate of the US in the cannabis market.

Whatever disturbance of large corroses is there United States In terms of getting into the cannabis market, it looks like it's a? extinction if there is financial justification.

Altria's huge investment has been to promote the start-up of cannabis companies; establish itself Canada, where we spent the pastimes that were illegitimate this year.

Departments of Cronos Group Inc. 31% and went to the top of the opening on Friday.

It is expected that the rapid growth of the cannabis market will continue as the law goes; expansion in the United States and social changes change. On Tuesday, the state-of-the-art state-of-the-art state of Utah was the most recent state of the state to use the illegal marijuana for medical purposes.

It is expected to cost users 57,000 million dollars per year in legal cannabis for 2027, according to the Arcview Market research, an investment company aimed at cannabis.

In North America, it is anticipated that costs will increase 9,200 million dollars in 2017 to 47,300 million in 2027.

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