Marlène Schiappa receives two political awards quickly


Marlène Schiappa on January 25, 2019 in Bordeaux. – – ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA

Double dedication for Marlène Schiappa. The Secretary of State for Equality awarded two awards one after his other head, saying Parisian time. Prices
Emmanuel MacRae was already winning when he was the Economy Minister in 2016.

On Sunday, Marlène Schiappa saw her name appearing among the four French women who were elected in the world's top 40 world executives, set up by Davos Forum. A few days earlier, on 6 February, Marlene Schiappa was consecrated "the political declaration of the year" by the company Who is Who, was a professional knowledge of the political world.

Double symbolic price

She said she was "happy" on Twitter. She won a "every woman who is willing to suffer and does not have a chance to speak so". As well as their political significance, these two awards are largely symbolic.

These are similar to those received by Emmanuel Macron in 2016, while he was Minister of Economics of François Hollande. From there to say that these initiatives will continue, there is only one step, which his friends have over, usually Parisian time.

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