Marrero's wife asked for his freedom before “conviction without meaning”.


March 21, 2019 07:00 PM
Last updated on 21 March, 2019 7:19

Calm and the hope of Romy Marrero's wife, Roberto Marrero, head of the office of the President of Juan Guaidó, said that, although he learned that his son's father had been arrested by Venezuelan security officers in the middle of the night and t his house was destroyed.

At around 2:00 am on this Thursday, a group of officers from the Bolivarian National Information Service attacked the properties of Roberto Marrero, head of an interim headquarters of Juan Guaidó, and the Deputy Sergio Vergara. . After several hours, officers took Marrero's orders beforehand that said the soldiers had sent weapons and grenades.

Romy Marrero said her husband was a direct attack on Juan Guaidó. “This is a surprise attack against Guaidó's team and his character as Roberto is a director and strategyer who is close to the Guaoso environment. Just like Guaidó they can't talk to him because they choose Roberto, who doesn't have any defense, but I think they don't make any sense and I hope they let him go quickly. he said he said.

Marrero only explained National her husband-in-law rang about 2:00 am and told her that there was a big group of officers knocking on the door of the servant Sergio Vergara, who lives in front of her. and then they could attack his home. He also explained that they had investigated all the rooms of all the buildings in the building, in a "violent and without order".

"Roberto cried to the Deputy Vergara, who lives next to us, that they were sending weapons inside the house and the neighbors said they had heard (the officers). T "urging people from the team to put on a plant explosion," he said.

The wife of the president of the president's president had been temporarily refused to accept death threats or other threats, but they were familiar with the "activities" carried out by state bodies against political leaders and journalists.

“The organizations take illegal attacks, challenge politicians, reporters, among others, to prevent threats against us, if we suspect this will happen,” he said. T .

Marrero explained that taking her husband doesn't make any sense and that he is confident that he will let him go quickly.

“The truth was that I didn't tell my son about the arrest, thinking that this will have an early result and that Roberto will be released as soon as he can; where possible. He will be pleased that the fight is continuing and I, as his wife, have always supported him. Roberto is a long-established politician who has always held a inconvenient career which has been a major player in political parties and in political institutions. "democracy", he said. t

Several countries in the region, in the European community and in the USA, wanted Marrero to be released as well as killing Nicolás Maduro for their clearance.

Roberto Marrero's wife expressed the view that support from the international community has been extremely important and that it is vital that all the nations' nations' nations' nations are involved.

“International support is vital because from now we take life back to get democracy back but we need support from other countries, as it is harder to do it by itself. "

He also sent a message to the officers who carried out a warrant of search to "reconsider" at other times "and let him be free to be involved in" not availing of disqualification ".

"The conclusion of the attack is against Juan Guaidó and the main face of politics in politics and the movements that are then fulfilled as Roberto Marrero."

On the evening of one Thursday, Joel Garcia, solicitor Roberto Marrero, said the politician had been transferred to the El Helicoide headquarters, and officials did not allow him to look at his state.

"Roberto Marrero is currently in El Helicoide, we haven't seen it but we know it is sure," said the lawyer to the reporters.

In the past few weeks State bodies have put on holdings for political directors and journalists, and thereafter they are charged with various charges such as: the commission of a crime, incitement of grain, among men and a group of debtors. other.
Néstor Reverol recited that there was a criminal network Sebin "who wanted to counter terrorist attacks on the country".

Garcia Thursday said that police officers will not approve the conduct of Voluntad Popular director, who holds them at the head of Bolivarian National Information Service, in Helicopter, from early Thursday.

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