Marriage of Huaso Island and Caldirola Gala in the style of one night and a half


Gala Caldirola 2019 received a great joy: Mauricio Isla married, and she said!

The good news, which was happier with those near a couple, had made the Spanish model known through its Instagram account, where he wrote: "An unusual year in 2018 as he came to the Luz world. In this year, I found out what unlimited love does mean and that the biggest gift that gives you life is to # 39 ; feeling this! ", Then add the expression that amazed everyone:" In the end of 2018, I put my life in my life And in 2019 this is my love You will always try to ask me if I want to spend your rest on your side! … Yes, I want to behave with you! "

"It was really astonishing," said Suro Solar, a close couple and the person who was involved in this band: "I have introduced them, and so I can not be happier, I hope that I have introduced it to the love of life and father of your children.

And it seems that Suro seems to have one other of this connection; For the same thing, he is already giving him a warning that he wants to be a caretaker. "If I'm not a parent, I'm going to get angry, let me go beyond the child's mail, hahaha, so I'll try to call her," it will be & # 39; throwing half the size, half a lot.

According to the close friend of this couple, everything was astonishing. "Mauricio is always organizing the parties in advance and this year until that day he did not tell Gala what it would be," he says about the man and woman. # 39; before.

Year's Eve & # 39; New 12 and the first thing that came into the wedding bid, Gala was completely surprised. "Then asked me to tell me and then they were marked at Centro Parque. The Gala can not be more happy than happiness, it's very happy," he says .

The parties came to an end and, therefore, Mauricio had to return to Turkey, and there is still a Gala in Chile. She can not get the time to return to her husband, to start planning her marriage.

"Part of new generosity and they have to plan everything, the only thing that is clear is in Chile. The Mauri and Gala relatives are mostly in Chile, and the Gala family must come from Spain to Chile, "the definition of Suro.

There is no date or marriage place, although everything should be in the second semester, when they are climbing for the Huaso and Gala sound.

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