Mars Elon Musk Plan includes & # 39; good chance of death &


Elon Musk discusses moving to Mars although he confirms that the enterprise is close to her; come with "good chance of death".

The billionaire entrepreneur believes that 70% of the likelihood of moving to his planet on board seems to be one of his own Space X rockets.

It may also be a permanent move. "We believe you can return but we are not sure," said SpaceX co-founder of the Axios television program.

"I know what you do. I'm talking about moving there."

Musk, 47, believes that commercial aircraft to Mars will be within seven years of age. cost around £ 200,000.

When asked if he would allow him to escape from Earth's problems, he said: "Your likelihood is to die on Mars much higher than Earth. It's very hard. A good chance of getting a dying, going a bit deeply.

"[There’s] not a lot of time for recreation. And even after doing this, it's a very hard environment. So … there is a good chance you're dying there. We think you can return but we are not sure.

"Now, does that sound like a house to flee for wealthy people?"


Death, meh.

He asked why he would even even think about being & # 39; giving enough opportunity to survive, he said: "Many people climb mountains. People who die on Mount Everest all the time.

"They like to do it for the challenge"

Musk may have another reason to still leave Earth – he is currently on & # 39; Holding a case in two separate cases.

British dives helped to rescue young football players captured in a cave in Thailand. abolished after trying to find out that Britain was "paedo" in a tweet for its 22.5 million fans, after the diver had been criminated in a television interview.

And the Securities and Exchange (SEC) Commission, a US group that monitors stock markets and its; investing, and protesting against Musk in September, The billionaire announces a series of "deceitful and misleading" statements on Twitter.

at the same time on Mars, a first Nasa robotic homeowner who has been designed to examine the inside of his / her; planet, as a result of recycling Monday after a six month tour of the place.

Travel 301 million miles (548m km) from Land, Mars InSight a spacecraft was going to reach its destination on a dusty, rocky, and arable surface; Red Planet at around 8pm at the UK time.

The Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) near the Los Angeles confidence team was ready to make a final change InSightA special Sunday route to move to a closer spaceboat with its entry point on Mars.

If everything goes according to their plan, InSight climb into the Pink Martian air near 24 hours later at 12,000 pounds per hour (19,310km per hour). Its 77-mile descendants to the surface of the stream slows slowly by air, large divisions and retro rockets.

When land 6-1 / 2 minutes later, it will be a & # 39; travel only 5 miles (8 kph).

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