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NASA's InSight lander is the new boy on Martian's battle, and he is already in a position; capturing selfies and telling handlers back on Earth about his new home, dusty. But this is not the only piece of high tech tech with eyes on its Red Planet, and NASA used one of its other tools, Orbiter Mars Reconnaissance, to see the robot has been removied while it sits quietly on the surface of the planet S-

In a series of new images, NASA has a & # 39; shows the final tax areas of the type apart from a heat of specialization and parasite, as shown from the top above.

In the images, you can clearly tell the landlord (above), surrounded by dust and darker darkness from the recent effects. The parachute is a spacecraft, also surrounded by more darker dust, living apart:

Then the heat shield is like a clear light, as it looks like sun rays back to the sky:

The things that are particularly enjoyable about these pictures are that they show how right the InSight heard on land. The aim of the NASA InSight team and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory would be the robot of the robot; reaching a flat space, largely unnecessary on Martian surface, which allows the sensors of the deep animation device within its & # 39; planet without worrying about rough rocks or edges in the way.

From these pictures it is clear that the InSight is perfectly located in a clear and convenient location that should be made easy for its engineers to choose a place to use their fragile instruments.

Adults have made a lot of hard work ahead of us, but it is interesting to see that things are going to be. going well for the team.

Image Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona

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