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Last year, there were 10 minutes of crime as the InSight Mars Lander arrived to Martian's surface at 12,300 MPH, but now the robotic science platform is safe and sound – and has taken pictures restored for proof.

A & # 39; The first thing that he put in the pictures of the surrounding environment is: Elysium Planitia, a very attractive, unstable plane that is so perfect for the InSight drilling and cunning work.

The images, built by the Computer Instrument Instrument, are not very inspiring for themselves – a dirty site; look through a dusty thube. But when you think it's in a country without a long planed study, and that Martana's dust and rubbish is from the lens, looks amazing!

Without a & # 39; A serious case in an interplanetary disaster disaster and having a " came to the beach perfectly, but this was not the last challenge at InSight. After moving down, it still needs to be positioned and ensure that many of the tools and tools have not been damaged while & # 39; as long as they traveled long and go to Mars.

And the first good news came soon after landing, donated through the Odyssey spacecraft in an orbit: part of selfie's; show that he was whole and ready to spread. The image shows, amongst other things, the large handbag that is folded up on the roof of the house, and a large copper roof; cover others.

Telemetry data set around the same time indicates that InSight has also used its solar panels and is a power collection to continue working. These fragile supporters are essential to the country, indeed, and it is a great relief to hear that they are working properly.

This is just the first of the images that the landlord puts, although he is unhappy with Curiosity and the other images, he will not Travel around showing pictures of everything he can see. Its data will be collected deeply inside its planet, and # 39; gives us a glimpse of the planet – and our solar system – origins.

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